Please….Do NOT post my children pictures of your social media sites

July 22, 2011 sweetpea2200
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Now, yesterday, I was so mad, because someone I know posted a picture of my child of the Facebook knowing how I feel about it.  So, first I instantly felt invalidated because my opinion did not matter, and then I was anger because that is my child who everyone can see.  I do not know all your friends or your friends of friends or what your security setting are on your page.  I have done the research and know that the chance the a crazy person is surfing Facebook are slim, I do not want to risk it.  And, who is to say that the crazy people are not moving along technology also.  And, I know that you can meet people online and be life long friends, but I also that the other people on the other end can be lie throw their teeth.  So, please, think about you post any picture and especially pictures of your children or anyone else children, and respect their wishing as I would hope they would respect your.



Entry Filed under: Parenting with the internet

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