Day 4

February 1, 2012 sweetpea2200
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Today, I am learned new dance steps so I can stop the fear dance.

I cannot say how important the Power of One because life is all about choices and take responsibility of those choices good or bad. I know that I use to be a very bitter angry girl who believed the world has against me. But, I have learned that we can always chose to make lemonade out of the lemons life gives us.

Step 1: take personal responsibility. You must take responsibility for your choices, thoughts, reacts, emotions, and also both good and bad. I know that it is easier to take responsibility for a good decision vs a bad one but we are. I for one am the first one to admit then I mess up, and depend on who it is depends on how hard it is to admit. Like with my children, I tell them all the time that I was wrong. I see this being harder and harder as the grow up, but I hope that starting young they will know that Mom is still human.

Second, take responsibility for your button (Smalley, 48)

“These are my buttons, It’s my job to understand where my reactions coe from, what they are about, and how to control them when my button get pushed. “(Smalley, 48).

Well, for a long time, I wanted everyone else to stop doing things to make me mad. I would think why do you that you know it makes me mad, and my poor family because my buttons are very sensitive. But through reading this book, I realize that it is not everyone else place to stop pushing my button but to change how I react to it. In this step is where I learned that others cannot make you happy. Like most girls, I have been dreaming to have that one person to complete me and have the perfect wedding and marriage and six kids (totally a different blog all together) and we would live happily even after. But reality is much different, life is full of twist and turns, mountains and valleys.

Third, Become the CEO of your Life (Smalley, 53)

I and I alone am responsibility for my life.

Dr. Smalley also says to recruit assistants because every CEO has assistants. but remember they are just there to assist and I am responsibility for my buttons.

I actually have not thought about who I will ask to be my assistance. But, I think my sister and my best friend.

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  • 1. Jennifer  |  February 2, 2012 at 4:54 AM

    That one person to complete us is a terrible lie fed to us as girls. We don’t need another person to be complete. We need to be complete on our own. Then we can find a partner.
    Although, I can’t claim I was anywhere near stable or complete when I met Micheal, so take that as you will. But we did agree to take each other flaws and all and work through them. And maybe that’s the real secret. You find someone that will be your partner.

    • 2. sweetpea2200  |  February 2, 2012 at 6:14 AM

      I think you had a big advantage that many girls and even couples do not gasp which is knowing you are not perfect and that you and flaws and loving anyway unconditionally. Some people want to attach strings to their love which I do not believe is love but many people perceive it as love.

      My mom has always told me that when I am dating someone to think about the following: Think of the most annoying thing he does, now can you live with that the rest of you life?

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