April 14, 2012 sweetpea2200
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The last six years give or take of my life have been an up and down roller coaster which came to a head a few days ago and end some important friendships and I thought I had made.  And, the last few days and been both incredible hard and incredible blessing.  For the last few days,  I have wanted to do is scream and yell to get this them to see my side and experiences and see what I do and to stop pushing my button and knowledge that I am right and am going my part plus.  Then, yesterday, then I was listening to the Smalley podcast, God spoke to me (not audibly) well confronted me that I was trying to change them.   I stopped and said no, God, I would not try to change them, and it was like God okay, and just sat back and waiting for me to listen to the rest on the podcast (I feel like Paul Harvey….and the rest of the story).  As the podcast continue, I saw that God has right.  I was trying to change them.  Now what, well, a lesson in humility because regardless of what I when about it I saw tried to change them and my consequences from that were great.  A hard lesson learned that I cannot change anyone but myself and how I react.  Lord, please, continue to bless me through this.


To listen to some great podcast on relationships and family tune it on the Smalley podcast


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