Broke the bed

April 15, 2012 sweetpea2200
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God has a sense of humor that He shared with me last night.  As I was getting into bed, it broke, and it has broken before it was pretty easy and quick fix, but not last night.  So where, I am at midnight tearing apart my bed, bragging out my drill, hammer, screws, and books.  The issue was that the railing had come apart from the headboard and also new last night the board that holds the mattress in the railing detached from the railing.  Now, I am not a carpenter and craftwoman, but I jimmy rigged it to work with the help of my munchkins who had woken up with the breaking for the bed. I am sure my neighbor hear all about it, but I am proud to say that I did not belly ache about it and at one point, I had misplaced an important clip.  Generally, this would be where I were start throwing a fit, but I did not and my silver lining is sharing my embarrassing moment with the world. So, at 2:18 am central standard time, I found myself laying on my box springs testing my bed to see if it would hold and so far so good.  I had, however, sleep on the oppose side of the bed so we will see.


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