Homemade breakfast pizza

May 4, 2012 sweetpea2200
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I decided to make pizza tonight because it is easy, however, then I opened the refrig., I discovered a munchkin had eaten all the pepperoni.   So, I decided to make a breakfast pizza with chicken apple sausage, scrambled eggs and cheese.  Keep in mind that I am just a great cook and I have been learning how to cook with my stainless stain pans.  I cooked my sausage with no problem in my stainless steel pan, and I googled how to scramble eggs in a stainless steel pan because I have heard stories that stainless steel and eggs….no.   And, this is the video, I found (Video).  Now, I used the same pan, I just cooked the sausage in so my pan was warm and already had a bit of grease from the chicken sausage, so I mixed my eggs and dumped them in the pan.  And, I let them cook, but mine were not cooking like her’s so three or four minutes later, I was wondering if my eggs were going to cook at all.  I looked up to see that then I had dumped the sausage out, I had turned the burner off and my eggs were not cooking.  🙂  Even if with this, the pizza turned out pretty good for a first time breakfast pizza maker.



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