I want! I want! I want!

May 14, 2012 sweetpea2200
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I want so much.  I want a husband that will love me unconditionally and lead our family in our faith.  I want a house to call me own: so I can decorate without worrying about a deposit, put wooden floors in, show it off to my family and friends, mow my lawn (which is really only fun the first month of summer), grow a bigger garden.  I want a dog, so my munchkins can grow up with loving memories of them and their dog. I want a new Ford Escape Hybrid or Chevy Avalanche converted to CNG (much much cheaper than gasoline), so I have a pretty new ride and I can plug my cell and talk away while driving.  I want to make more money so I am not scraping by financially.  I want my munchkins to be happy.  I want to have a new bed so I do not have to worry about mine breaking.  I want new silverware in my kitchen so if and then people are over they will be impressed.

Wow…..this list could continue for pages.  I want a lot of things, and the only two listed above that truly matters is the one about wanted a God-fearing husband, and my munchkins happiness, and in reality, I really want them to have the joy of God in their heart.  God has definitely opened my eyes to my wanting problem.  I want all these things and the reality is if I need it God is going to prove it.  Do, I need any of the things list above, no, or I would have them.  I have been working on finish my degree for the last two years, why because I need it to advance in my field and second is because I want to make more money so I would not be scraping by, but the other part is so I can buy more stuff that I do not need and will not make me happy.   Does God care whether, I drive a brand new car or an old beat truck?  Does God care what dishes, I have on my table or whether I have food to fill them? Does God care whether, I have 600 thread count sheets on my bed or just a bed to sleep up?  No, God, does not care whether I am keeping up with the Jones, but He does care about me and my relationship with Him.


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