May 18, 2012 sweetpea2200

Okay, this whole week has been trying and the longer it goes the more I feel like my old angry self coming out.  I am just feel the weight of the world (well, my world) on my shoulders.

But on a positive note, I got to have two lunch dates this week with great friends.  I did miss my McDonald’s trip with my dear friend but it has been a business week for all of us.   And, the Apple store fixed my iMac, and you will never guess what happened to it.  Someone had stuck two CDs in the CD-ROM drive, I have no idea which two munchkins could have done that.   So, I am getting my computer set back up tonight.

Now, to set up up my personal, spiritual, business, career goals and new schedules for the summer this weekend for the rest of the year.


Entry Filed under: Apple Inc,Faith

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