Good In….Good Out

June 5, 2012 sweetpea2200
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Okay, there is a versus in the Bible that summarized by me say that you put good in and you get good out of your mind and heart and please excuse that I do not have the versus but I will find it and update the blog post with it.

I have notice the more Godly things, I put into my mind and heart the easier it is to manage my reactions to my fear button and then I stray away for that it is more difficult to mange my reactions and easier to fall and harder to get back up again. It is like a computer, the data you put in is the data you get out. It may be in a different format generally much prettier but it is still the same data. If I want to be a beacon for God and continue to grow in my relationship with Him and be the best person I can, I have to put good data in to have good data coming out.

I can see a huge change in how I react and I handle life then I am entered Godly data vs worldly data. Only a few months ago, I would have told you the same thing but with my holier that thy attitude, but the Lord is slowly changing my heart, opinion, and attitude.

I am discovering that someone in my life are going to play a less important role because I do not want to be the person I was only a few months ago. I can love you regardless, but it might be at a distance with you are not going to support my relationship with God and be an encouragement and vs from me to you. I want to prove that support and be a positive influence for God. I guess my point is, I would to be a temple for God to work through me and I cannot go that if I am good negative data in.


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