Last several weeks

June 5, 2012 sweetpea2200
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I have been working on myself to be a better person for the last several months, but the last several weeks have been incredibly hard. Secretly, I have always wanted to have the girl next personality that is sweet and nice and innocent, but at a young age I learned to hate the world and be an angry opinionated judgmental close-mind person who own sees in black and white. Many many times, I could not even tell you were the angry was coming because it would be the tiniest thing that would cause me to be angry. Then, I read Dr. Gary Smalley’s book, “The DNA of Relationship” and begin to understand that getting angry was my primary reaction to my fear button being pushed. Then, I found Michael Smalley’s podcast “The Smalley Podcast” and it has provided that extra boost to improved myself and my relationships, but I feel like I have all this knowledge at being a better me and better mommy and yet I am still messing up which leads to frustration of why can I not get this right. Why do I still get frustrated? Why do I still want to go the fear dance? I know that my fear button is going to get pushed so why can I not react appropriately?

God answer: because you are human


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