June 6, 2012 sweetpea2200
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Stress is how we feel when your expectations are not met, say by Dr. Gary Smalley in one of the Smalley podcast.

I have discovered how very true this is. For example, I would get so upset at my munchkins for not listening to me and holding my hand while, I was trying to get them into the vehicle and strapped into the carseats. Then, the I realized that I excepted these two very young and very independent children to listen and behave like adults. Really… you have children? Life never goes as plan especially with children and you can pretty much throw all your expectations out the window because I think many people (me included) forget that children are little human being with minds an wills of their own that they just do not understand, yet. My munchkins are very much head strong and stubborn and as a parent, we need to give them the tools and knowledge to go out into the world as a beacon of Christ.

My expectations not being meet also effects all my other relationship, the biggest being my munchkins Dad. I would have expectations and if he did not meet them then why was I going to pour my heart and soul into the relationship if you were not going to meet my expectations. This is totally the wrong approach. My biggest thing was if you say you are going to call then call or if you are going to come over actually come over. So, I would expect a phone call, and then when that call was late, I would be concerned, then I would be angry, then I would either just be angry and put it into my “same poop, different day bucket” or I would call him and be angry at him because I was a priority. I would stress over it and be incredible hurt by it (because it would push my core fear of rejection) so I was stressed and battling myself on how I was going to react to my fear button being pushed. This could cause more stress if I choose to react badly, because I would not have met my own expectations of myself.

So, the next time, you are stressed ask yourself: What were my expectations? Were they met? If not, is it really that big of a deal? I have discovered generally it is not and go with the follow of it.


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