Unforgiveness, Bitterness

June 6, 2012 sweetpea2200
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So, today, I was listening to Dr. Charles Stanley podcast on unforgiveness, and I thought I do not need to listen to this since I have been letting go of my expectations and trying to improve myself and letting go of much of my anger and trying and be success at forgive the past hurts and current hurts. And, I discovered that my forgiving others is mainly for me, because if I am angry then I cannot be close to God. I have truth been working to have a forgiving heart and to truly let it go regardless of who was wrong or right and try my very best to validate their feelings because that is what it is all about (yes, you guessed it the Smalley podcast). This has been a VERY VERY hard concept for me because I am a factual black and white person just give me the facts and whoever is wrong apologies and the right person apologies for escalating the argument (in my case) and you move on. That is not how eople work, they want/need that validation of their feelings regardless of who was right or wrong. After discovering this, I have revalued the last really hugh confrontations in my life and even I was looking for the validation through the facts. So, back to the point, since I have been working on this and I assumed that I did not need to listen to today sermon. But, God said, yes, you do you still need help. I needed to hear it because a part of me still is bitter and angry with some very important people in my munchkins’ lives, even through it is a tiny tiny part of me it is still there and I am breaking a command of Jesus in not fully forgiving them and I still have work to do and expectations to let go of. I am not perfect and even through I have all this knowledge of how to do it right, I still fall very short of the Glory of God.

Dear Lord,

please help me to continue to learn and apply the knowledge You have blessed me with to my life and my relationships to be a better believer, mommy, daughter, friend, co-worker, employee, granddaughter, sister, etc.


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