Grieving week it seems

June 8, 2012 sweetpea2200
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Well, this week has been bittersweet; it has been a week of letting go, grieving, and moving on. As I have said before letting go of my relationship with my munchkins’ dad has been hard that is why our relationship has been on again off again over the last fiveish years. But the text meant for the girlfriend send to me by mistake was a good indictor that we are both moving on. I was a pretty good sport about it….well for the most part, but I did discover there is still some bitterness there that I have to let go of. Then events on Wednesday ended a close friendship and today was the anniversary of my Papa death. I cannot believe it has been seventeen years, but today I stopped to remember with a few tears and a great joy of getting twelve years full of memories with my Great-Grandpa, not many people can say that.

Well, I give myself the rest of the day to sad or upset or frustrated and then it is time to put my big girl panties on and move on.


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I have a lot of work to do including making a pillow case dress, swimming with the munchkins, tons of laundry, and finishing Dad’s presents.

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