June 13, 2012 sweetpea2200
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So, I have been studying and research how to be more environment friendly, save money, and leave this plant is better shape for my future generations. It started when, I realized how many chemicals I have in my house. I have cleaning stuff, laundry stuff, makeup, shower stuff, toilet stuff, etc which I am sure you can find a study out there that has linked it to cancer. However, that does not worry me to much because I believe with my whole heart that then God calls you home it is time to go and there is nothing you can do to prevent it. I do, however, believe choices I may about this chemicals directly impact the quality of life I will have until God calls me home. I would like to make my quality the best, as the longevity is not in my control.

So, I have switched all my household cleaners to homemade biodegradable ones, which my toothpaste to baking soda and water and my face cleaners to oatmeal, flax seed and honey (my face feel pretty soft). I am working on reducing the amount of electric we use at home and trying to eat healthier less processed foods and exercising. I have started a recycling area at home for cardboard, cans, glass jars and paper but I am not sure where to take them once my bins fill up, but I hope to by the time they do.

I definitely like I am learning to do my part (got a lot to learn still) to help keep this amazing beautiful world that God created beautifully breathtaking.


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