Missing Children

June 14, 2012 sweetpea2200

I stopped at Walmart today to run in and get some canning lids and rings. As we are checking out, the youngest munchkin had to go to the restroom as always. The cashier at the self-check out volunteered to take the munchkin who was doing the pee pee dance in the basket. My first through was, I do not know you, what makes you think I would just you with my child. I know crazy overly protective momma. I know not everyone is one to hurt my child, and I believe the cashier did not mean any harm and was just trying to help, but no thank you. I calmly explain it was half drama, so the cashier let it to and did not seem to offended, and I let the munchkin ring the remaining items in the basket as a distraction. We were finished in a few minutes and off to the restroom. Now, I know that I have to let my munchkins be munchkins and allow them their independence but I am still watching. So, I let them go to the restroom alone sometimes but they only got thirty seconds to go and I have problem going into the restroom to retrieval them after thirty seconds because I have two children I have seen everybody part known to man. Hmmm….I mean generally speaking. During my munchkins, thirty in the restroom, I got to looking at the wall of missing children there were children of all ages there on that wall. I just stared at it as a mom wondering what you do as a mother of a missing child. My eyes watered up, about the time my oldest asked what are those pictures which opened a conversation of strangers and listening and not running away in the store, etc. Wow, as a mom, I could not image the since of not knowing what happened, is happening, or will happen to your child even now writing this post my heartbreaks for the parents. I pray the for the missing children’s safely and peace for the parents.

I am definitely going to continue to be caution in regard to my children, because as a mother, it is my job to protect them to the best of my ability and pray that God watches over them were ever they are. And, the next time, your in Walmart take a look at those children say a prayer for them and their families and see if you just might know any of them.

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