Stolen Gas

June 19, 2012 sweetpea2200
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So, Thursday one of my Facebook friends posted a picture of their gas door of their car with a message that I thought was a bit harsh until friday morning because someone has trying to pry open the gas door. Friday morning, I got out to my truck to find that my 64 dollars of gasoline was gone and the gas door and cap where just hanging. Grrrrr……really God I get the message keep your month shut it is not my place to judge anyone or anything.

I do not know the situation of the person stealing my gas, maybe felt they did not have a choice, however, they did and that is to trust God to provide which is harder said than done sometimes. I have been a single mother for a while, now, and it is hard. There have been times then I brought my kids food and went without food. I remember times when I could only afford to put a gallon or two my gas my car at a time and pray that God it would last. I was even had to borrow seven dollars from my boss once for gas money to get home. There have been times then I did not know if I would be able to keep a roof over my children’s heads, or food in their bellies. At one point, I did not have any money or a way to get to a story and my boyfriend had disappeared and I had to call the infant crisis center here to have food to feed my two month old child at the time. And, many many times, I wondered why me God? Why could I not have an adoring husband? A modest house? And a marriage that would survive the ages? I look back now and see that without my faith in God, who knows what I would have done in my moments of need. I was and am still truly blessed to be a child of God. I am still not through this valley but with God at my side who can be against me.


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