Daddy day presents

June 21, 2012 sweetpea2200
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So big expensive Daddy present were not in the budget this year so what to do. I worried and stressed and fretted about, however, that was about the time I found Pinterest. With Pinterest, I have discovered that I am actually pretty crafty, just not to creative. I am learning to be creative, and I am totally loving it.

Anyway, I found a this adorable origami shirt (click the link for directions) to make a card and then decided to mod podge some pictures to canvas because I love black and white picture and I love canvas picture just cannot afford them. So, I made picture of each munchkin and then painted the canvas black, mod podge it, then seal it with a top coat and we have the following for both Grandpas. And, not my munchkins faces are not blurry in the actually picture, I just do not want the picture on the Internet.



Here are the pictures:


And then for Daddy, I found this adorable little book for the munchkins to fill out. What do you think? Click the link to get your own.

Here is a page from the book we made



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