June 22, 2012 sweetpea2200
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I have been turning this over and over in my head since our monthly lunch. I like going to lunch but I always feel like the dead wood, and I have a nasty colon issue. I mean, I am a pretty hard core black and white single mom who does not generally take guff from anyone and being politically correct, well do you know me? I am hundred and eighty degrees different life from everyone else. I send my evenings at home with my munchkins for two reasons: one is because I choose to because my munchkins will only be young once and second because going out is not in the budget. So their is little I can contribute to the conversations and I am not close to any of them. I do not have the rapport that they seems to have with each other, which I partly my choice and partly because you have to want to get to know me to actually get to know me. Yes, stubborn, I know, but I am not one for polite talk, do not trust easily, and up until the last two years I work to work. I have learned over the last two years the importance of building business relationships. I have a few co- workers I would honor with the word friend. So, all and all, I set back relax and listen to the conversations and make sure that if I do have something to say that it will actually contribute to the topic and not be that annoying person who throws things out or sounds stupid. All and all, I am getting better with our monthly lunches before I would shake in my boots well, my heels because I am a loner and I know that I am difficult (yes, I am working on being a better person) and now, I do look forward to our lunches and just pray a topic comes up that I understand strongly so that I can say something to contribute to the conversation and not be dead wood.

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