IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome-bad and ugly

June 26, 2012 sweetpea2200
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I do not know all the medical verbiage for IBS but I am going to share this terrible embarrassing disease in the hopes that someone else will know they are not a lone.

I do not know when my problem began but I think I have had it most of my life. I remember accidents as an older kid of not making it to the bathroom in time and lose a few pairs of panties and having to walk through a store commando. I always knew where the bathroom was in a store or if they did not have a public restroom and I would pray to get out of those stores without embarrassment. I drive home was always the hardest because we lived 30 plus miles away from closest town for shopping. And, having to stop to poop on the side of the road is well pretty embarrassing. During my first pregnancy, after the morning sickness was done my symptoms seemed to disappear and I have read about it so I was incredibly greatful. However, the day my sister and I hit the road to Chicago, we went through the drive thru at KFC and hit the Turner Turnpike. I remember my sister asking if I was sure I would be okay. Of course, I said since I got pregnant I was able to eat whatever and whenever I wanted without having to run to the bathroom, well that is until we got on the Turner Turnpike and of course that turnpike only has one bathroom and like one exit and it is an exit only. Well, need less to say I did not make it to the rest stop, I barely made it to a stop on the side of the rode and being true rednecks we always carry toilet paper with us. I distinctly remember being totally embarrassed and humiliated and it being a complete dirt spot and out of view of passing driver. So, I did my business got back in truck and we headed out. We stop at the rest stop, I believe just a few miles up the road. I cried the whole way, and my dear sister trying to cheer me up, so changed my britches and we hit the road again. It was a normal trip after we got through Tulsa, I drove the rest of the way to Chicago. When we arrived home we set off alarm at three am and after some catching up I when to bed. I crawled into my parents bed. They have a waterbed with a heater and it is the best thing ever. Anyway, I got up a few hours sleep got up, ate some lunch and then shower and changed, and by late afternoon I had three mosquito bites right behind my knee. By the next day, I discovered that they were not mosquito bites but poison ivy and I was covered in it. It had welted up and it hurt and was leaked and turned purple. It was gross and itching and no doctor would help because I was pregnant and my doctor was back in Oklahoma and did not fully understand how several it was. And, my sister and I got into argument about it continually because she had had it so bad that she had been hospitalized. My Dad searched the Internet my natural remedies to help. My mom give me an oatmeal bath and then wrapped me in soran wrap and oatmeal paste, which my mom had to shower her twenty-four year old daughter because it hurt to bad to get the oatmeal paste off my skin. Finally, my mom talked to the pharmacist and he recommend an over the counter creme because Dad’s natural remedies were not working all through it meant a lot he was trying so hard. Finally, it was time to head home and all through I normally do the driving my sister drove the whole way. I think she felt sorry for me, my poison ivy was so bad I looked like I had smallpox. It had blistered up, oozed stuff, and had turned purple, and when we stopped to fill up people would stare at me til my sister yelled, she has poison ivy not smallpox. I am not sure what was worse, but I was proud and grateful to my sister for standing up for me. We got home and my boyfriend took great care of me even through I look horrific and he is squeamish. The next day was my regular doctor appointment once she saw how bad it truly was she got the medicine I needed.

I tell this terribly embarrassing story because I have lived through many embarrassing humiliating experiences at the hands of my irritable bowel. I have learned what not to eat, what I can eat a bite or two of, and what I can safe eat well drink actually. I have learned to order my food to go, and try to restrain myself from eating before I get home. I hace lived through the annoying why do you not eat during business lunches, if only they knew they would give a gold medal. I have lived through the average of five trips to the bathroom and the stomach cramp in between from any given meal. I learned not to eat the day before any traveling or the day of traveling. I learned that during the most terrible stomach cramps focus on a game on the iPhone, can help me not pray for death. I know where every bathroom is in the store, I frequent and the ones I do not because they do not have a bathroom. It absolutely sucks but I have learned to live with it, work around it, not embarrass myself to badly, and still enjoy live and eating out.


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  • 1. onwardmarch  |  July 12, 2012 at 2:28 PM

    IBS is a bitch isn’t it? You can’t go anywhere after eating until your done processing….and eating meals at a restaurant isn’t the greatest either, as I like to explode in private, lol. 🙂

  • 2. Buford Lehenbauer  |  November 12, 2012 at 2:12 AM

    Irritable bowel syndrom is always a suspect if you are having some bowel dismfort for several weeks and there hasnt been a direct causative that has been identified. ‘

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    • 3. sweetpea2200  |  November 12, 2012 at 8:36 AM

      Oh no, I have had this as long as I can remember.

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