June 27, 2012 sweetpea2200

Why is it so easy to have faith in so many other things but faith in Jesus is hard? We have faith in our parents, teachers, our leaders, corporations, government, military, spouses, our children, grandparents, products, medicine, science….the list could go on and on. So, why is it so hard to have faith in the One person who will never let us down, forsake us, hurt us, carries us then the road is to hard, never lets go of our hand, grieves with us, rejoices with us, fights for us, puts up with our selfish attitudes, but most of all laid down His life for us?

I go not know about you, but blind faith is hard yet it is not completely blind. It is hard for me to take a piece of the puzzle and just understand that little bit, generally for me to understand something I have to give me the whole puzzle to is how my little piece fits into it. There are so much questions, I have and some I will find when I am ment to in my Bible study and others I will have to wait until a meet Jesus and bow at His feet. Lord, please, help me to have the faith of a child.


Entry Filed under: Faith

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