Only one safe place

June 30, 2012 sweetpea2200
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Have you ever thought about the fact that there is no truly safe place on earth?

I use to think that home was safe but you hear of house fires, gas leaks, plane crashing into houses and so on and so on. And, all through airplanes are dropping out of the sky like rain drops, it does happen. I also and some times still think that the hospital is safe. Well, my logic there is that if I am dying they might have some technology that could safe me. I know, I know if God is calling me home, nothing is going to prevent it. But when you actually sit and think about it the only safe place on this earth is the arms of God. Now, I could totally let myself suffer from panic attacks and let the anxiety slowly drive me crazy but I chose to see that God never leaves me and so many times carries me in His arms because the road is just to hard for me without even if I am kicking and screaming.


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