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July 6, 2012 sweetpea2200
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I spend this Fourth of July relaxing at my sister’s. This is the first Fourth of July in a while that, I have actually done anything more than go to my Grandma’s, but my sister had requested the day off months ago, and I figured that with it bring on Wednesday it would be a great chance to take a little vacation and not use all my vacation. I was a bit of a surreal day. As kids, my Grandparents would get us fireworks to pop during the day and then we would go over to my Aunt and Uncle’s house and the older kids would pop all the big nighttime firecrackers and my Aunt and Uncle would barbecue hot dogs and hamburgers and make potato salad and jello and so on. However, this year is as I looked around, yesterday, it was surreal and we were no longer kids. It was my sister and I cooking, watching the kids swimming, getting the kids plates ready, buying firecrackers, and making sure everyone was taken care of and so on and so on. And, I was the one lighting the firecrackers both the day and night ones as were are no teenager around to light them and I love it anyways. Then, I thought of the reason for this amazing holiday, a day of celebration and remembrance. The Fourth of July is a day of celebration of the wonderful freedoms we enjoy as Americans and also a day to remembering the cost of those freedoms we enjoy and many times take for granted. Our freedoms have not been free many soldiers have paid with their lives, many families have learned to cope without their family member during deployments, soldier return home changed by their horrific things they have seem and so on. The average American, I do not believe knows what it is like to be a part of in military family and the struggles that accompany being in the military and dedication it requires by all family members. I want to think my Great Grandpa, my Uncle, my Dad, my Sister, my cousin, my sister’s other half for serving in our military and keeping our country save and protected.


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