Good Morning

July 19, 2012 sweetpea2200
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One of the worst sounds is my alarm clock and the snooze button. I am a morning person per say, but definitely am not the morning person the pops up out of bed and is on the move. I am, however, on the move once I am awake, which takes between thirty second to thirty minutes depending on how late I was up last night.

With everything going on over the last week, I have been so tired and I have been in bed early most evening around nine o’clock. I have been sleeping terrible so I tried spraying Lavender on my pillows and a made a Lavender body scrub but it did not help. I read about jasmine working better but I did not like the smell of jasmine and since the essential oil is not cheap, so I did not try it. The next option was to download Mandisa’s Good Morning song in the hopes of not hitting my snooze button four or five every morning. It definitely does work, my munchkins jump up out of bed and start dancing so I have to hurry up and jump out of bed shut the alarm off and jump in the shower to get in my mom time in morning. It is a great way to awake up.

Thank you, Mandisa, I live the Good Morning song.


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