Why….Beloved, Why

August 11, 2012 sweetpea2200
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Dear Beloved……why are you still on my mind? I mean, your actions over the last five years have said….I am not that into you, but you mouth says, I love you, I need you, I want…….bah bah bah. In case, you have not already guessed, I just finished listening to the audio book, “He’s Just Not that into You.” Which, I read, well listened to it for the solo propose of the slap in the face to finally get over you. I have known since I got pregnant that you that you were just not that into me. I mean you did not even tell your family we were having a baby or that we had a baby. Then we had an on again off again relationship til about two days ago, then I got so tired of your treatment of me. I mean, I do not even merit a phone call once a week or month, you know, whatever. I know your in town and do not even want to see you. However, we have two children together so I am cannot just walk away from you, but I am not your backup plan or the plan to make you look like you have changed. I refuse to live my life on hold for someone who treats me like the gum of the bottom of your shoe. And, I know you will probably never read this, well, unless your lawyer is trying to find dirty on me (if and then we have a custody battle), but I do not believe I have said anything untrue and that cannot be backed up. And,yes, for the record, I am angry but not really for myself but for our children but that is laundry that should left unaired.

Now, I am a very beautiful person and the daughter of the King, and He is preparing someone for me, right now. And, he may be around the next corner or several miles down the road, but I will met him then we are both ready. So, thank you for your time, well the thirty minutes in six months, but I am just not that into you.

Forty thousand clips and cantaloup


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