Prayers for Beloved

October 14, 2012 sweetpea2200
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You are the only person in my life that I have to continuously forgive on a daily basic. I get so angry at you and myself because I want to believe what you are saying and that you are not just using me and our family as stepping stone to whatever you want. But your actions speak louder than your words and I do not see a different man but the man who hurt me and our family deeply and seemingly without care with lie after lie. I do not get it why lie to me and present a false person to me. I know your heart and I know the good you carry in your heart. You are a child of God whether you believe or not. I just want to shake you and say to you why do you not see that you are still here on the planet because God has a plan for you. In the last month or so you have lost three friends, and I do not know circumstances but you are here, so drop down on your knees and praise God and ask Him what His plan is for life. You know you are here for a reason, there has been more than one time where God could have taken you home.

My prayer is why God why? I am okay being single but I am not okay with you in and out of my life. I am not okay with your words of hope and the brokenness that follows then you do not follow through or the me that comes out of my stone cold heart after the brokenness. I do not like that person, because I know you are far better than how you treat me. God why can I not just walk away. The answer God spoke to my heart because through you he will see Me. God, please, guide me through this journey, keep my heart open, open my Beloved’s heart to You.

For nothing will be impossible with God-Luke 1:37


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