Clay hand bowl

November 20, 2012 sweetpea2200
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Birthday present for Grandma!!!!!!

My last crafting idea a hand shaped clay bowl which was inspired by a wooden hand bowl and a clay dolly bowl both seen on Pinterest. I actually planned on making the clay bowl with my munchkins hand imprints, however, I only got one package of clay because I underestimated the amount of clay I would need. Now, the budget is very tight so not running to the store for extra clay, so I rolled the clay out as flat as possible and barely had enough to trace a hand. Thank goodness, my munchkins have small hands and this is what we ended up with after cooking it.



Then we added a little paint. I was hoping to yellow wash it so the hand imprint would stand up but that did not work out. So more yellow paint and and glitter and this is the final product.

I think it is super cute and I cannot wait to try it again with more clay. I am going to paint the munchkins hand first before imprinting it on the clay. And see how that works out or maybe I could use a colored clay and white wash it. Hmmm….I cannot wait.






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