January 5, 2013 sweetpea2200
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Have you watching this show? I just saw it for the first time last night at a friends house, because I do not have cable and because I saw the preview
and did not want to watch. Well, this show is terrible, yes, I just turned into my 88 Great-Grandmother. And yes, I knew better than to watch it, but for the whole two hours, I could not pull myself away from the show. The Presidential affair with the fixer, the homosexual aspect, cover ups, murder for hirer, conspiracy, voter fraud, blackmail, sex, and sex and more sex. I could not believe the terrible stuff we are filling our minds with, and the whole time, I felt God telling me to walk away. And, did I, no, I watch two hours and then tonight I watch the oldest episode, I could on my ABC app. That episode was a good wake up call, I was actually hoping to learn how the affair turned out, but instead I saw the evilness of Satan creeping into my heart and mind. I do not want to watch a show that is promoting affairs, cover ups, murder, assassination, conspiracy, voter fraud, blackmail, selling ones soul, and sex. I am all for a good roll in the hay, however, I speak from experience that sex outside of marriage comes at a very high cost. At that time, I was very glad that, I do not have cable or a converter box nor do I plan on getting either. Now, I get myself to let go of Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice because of all the bed popping and premarital sex.

Okay, I am getting off my television soapbox, because I could go on and on.


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