Day 18

June 19, 2013 sweetpea2200
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Okay, it is Day 18, I believe.  As the days go by, I am temped to cheat less, and then I do cheat I generally regret it.  Not because I cheated but because the food does not set well on my tummy and meat just does not taste right.  Today, at work we had a lunch and learn about sleep and they served chicken wraps or veggie wrap which included cheese.  So, I figured neither is vegan so I might as well eat the chicken one.  And, it was terrible, and after three or four bites it was in the trash, and I was eating my veggie burger (homemade with edamame and mushrooms).  It was really really good.  Well, the first two veggie burgers were a mess.  I trying to cook them on the George Foreman grill and, well they stuck so I scrapped them off into a plate and ate it.  It was still good.  However, the most excited thing was my youngest munchkin ate it too who helped make so they knew what was in them.  I was so excited until, I heard, “Mommy, this taste all bacon.”  I thoughts bacon, this is good, but does not taste like bacon.  Honestly, I was very glad one of my munchkins was trying it and liking was an awesome bonus. The remaining two, I cooked in the oven and, I got the batter (burger) to sticky.  So, then I grew impatient and turned on the broil to help dry them out, I burnt my potatoes but the burgers were still pretty good.  So, all in all, things are going well, now, if I can just ignore the Chick-Fil-A temptation, I would be perfect.


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