Day Whatever……22, I believe

June 24, 2013 sweetpea2200
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Okay, I am a person that generally jumps in with both feet in. to whatever I am going, however, once both feet are in the next through is, “What have a gotten myself into this time?” This new life-style change is the same, however, I am not a quitter, but I will have cheats til those not longer taste well. I should pray that the Chick-Fil-A is no longer a temptation. So, I have discovered that I generally prefer my veggie burgers to beef, chicken, or turkey burgers. I love the fact that I do not to worry about whether my meat is cooked enough. I miss cheese the most and that is the hardest because you can eat anything if it has cheese on it. Now, the word in the plant-based/vegan communities is that nutritional yeast taste like cheese……….not. It taste/smells like fish food, yes, I have tasted fish food, what kid with a fish has not. So, today, I tried a recipe that used sweet potatoes and nutritional yeast to make a nacho cheese, and guess what, it taste like fish food. I even cut the amount of nutritional yeast in half, but still fish food. Then, yesterday, I made a spicy veggie burger (too many jalapenos), and it was just too spicy, so I needed something to cool it down. Yes, I used mayo, because I still hate hummus which sent me in search of a good vegan mayo recipe. I did find a great vegan low-fat mayo recipe. It calls for a lot of onion powder, which I cut in half or 3/4th and the onion taste is still over powering, so next time, I plan on adding bit of mustard seed, fresh onions, peppercorn, and peppers. I am so excited. I am discovering that plant-based eating is a lot of mix and match and trial and error. Tonight, I made a veggie burger with edamame and mushrooms with refried black beans, guacamole, and my new mayo recipe. It was super delicious, had to have a second burger without the bun.


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