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Love is an action 

Love is…….

Most of us know the love verses in 1 Corinthians:


“Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; loves does not parade itself, is not
puffed up; does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no
evils; does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; bears all things, believes all
things, hopes all things, endures all things”

This has been one of my favorite verses, but I di not fully understand it until
recently. About a week ago, my friend/coworker/office mom sat down at the my
desk to elaborate on her Facebook post that I had reposted. The post was a mother
telling her daughter then looking for a mate, to place the gentleman’s name in these
verses and ask is this true. Is he kind? Is he envious? Is he prideful? Is he arrogant?
Is he rude?……..etc etc etc. (Remember, the King and I, the original not the remake
with Jodie Foster). If her daughter could replace the word love with the boy’s name
and the statement be true then he might pass mustard. I had reposted because I
thought it was a great way to teach girls how to pick a good man, and one I needed
to hear myself. My friend said that she needed to take these verses a step further
and apply them to herself. I am embarrassed to say that I was a bad friend and was
throwing a pity party while she was talking about this, but it did stick with me. I
have been yeaning to know how to love people I do not see eye to eye with. I look at
this country and see that it is broken and needs to be repaired but I do not see that
happened if we are constantly on different ends of the spectrum. But this is it, you
make love an action, so many times we think of love as a feeling but is the true
everlasting unconditional love? No, it is romantic love that many of us have read in
romance novels or watch in movies. It is real, but without the love the romantic love
fades with time.

I want to learn to love like this, and God has blessed me in the last several weeks and
months to put people in my life that show God’s love. Lord, thank You for blessing
me with these beautiful ladies and gentleman, ask open my heart to learn and show
to love. 

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I have been reading this fascinating book about vaccinations. I have not finished it so I have not yet done my due diligence, so I have not made an opinion on the book but it has definitely kept my interest. I am not here to preach yay or nay, that is not my decision to make but your. I just encourage you to do your own research and decide yourself. I have never been one to let anyone tell me what to do without first looking into it myself. Honestly, the arguments on either side are very influential. Look for good strong reliable information, unbiased information (or know to weed the bias out), talk with your doctor, review both sides, and pray before making your decisions. Take notes in your research and write down why you made your decision because their are going to people on both side trying to change your mind. But, remember, you are going to be you family’s best advocate and you can only make the best decision you can with the information we have today.

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Massage Therapy

I have always wanted to be a massage therapist since, I was a teen but I did not believe it would be lifelong career.  I like giving massages, but after a few hours my thumbs would start to hurt so I did not believe that I would be able to make a career out of it.   Then my sister told me that they teach you to use more than your thumbs, and since then the thought of becoming a massage therapist has been sitting on the back burner.  But, I have recently decided to check it out because that could bring in a good income part-time to help my debt snowball, and someday turn my dream into my business. So I checked out a few schools, and submitted my application, and I have to say I am totally nervous because a lot of ducks are going to have to line up for this to happen.  The biggest is finding an affordable (translation: dirty cheap, reliable, and trustworthy) babysitter for my kids while I am in evening classes that will fit my budget, debt snowball, and allow me to cash flow my school.  But, I believe that if God is going to open this door then He is going to line all the ducks up in a perfect row.  Praying for wisdom and guidance as I walk through decision, but knowing God has my back is priceless.

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Bike Riding

This evening, I got to do something I have dreamed of doing since I was a kid.  I got to ride bikes with my family, and it was awesome.  As a kid growing up in my little town, there was this family that rode around town on their bikes and I always want to do that.  I tried a few years ago, to go riding out at the lake, but I soon discovered it is not a family friendly place.  My youngest screamed the whole time in the child’s seat, the oldest stopped every few inches to whine, no one slowed down and few people said hateful things.  I discovered that amateurs should not go to the lake for anything: biking, running, walking, etc. But, I am happy to say that we have a wonderful place to ride now, and starting tomorrow, I will be riding a few miles before work, now to find a safe way to ride to work.

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Growing up….Ramsey Style

For a long time, I wanted to make more money, “To buy things, I cannot afford, to impress people, I do not like,” like Dave Ramsey says.  Now, I want to make more money to pay off my debt and save.  I started Dave Ramsey get out of debt plan last month, and my kids started Dave Ramsey’s Junior Financial Peace.   I am currently on baby step 1, saving a 1,000 dollar emergency fund.  I decided for my situation 2,000 would be better so I am working on that.  I have my debt snowball plan, with my current income it can be paid off in seven years, but I am praying about, what I can do to increase my income with the smallest out-of-pocket expense that allows me the freedom to be at home with my kids as much as possible.  I am super excited, I plan to have all my non-student loan debt paid off by the end of the year, and then hopefully, have the student loans paid off within the next four years.  I am so excited, I just want to tell everyone to jump on board with Dave Ramsey’s financial freedom plan.

Now, if you are not a Dave Ramsey fan, just keep listening, because at first he just annoyed me. Probably, because I know I could do so much better and have nothing to show for all that debt.  And, I thought he was kinda mean, but then I started listening to his testimony and it is powerful.  He says, he was stupid with six digits on the end of it, but what he said that ultimate turned the light on was: If you owned a corporation called Me Incorporated would you fired you for the way you are handling the company money, and it is not your money but God’s (you are His manager, just like our children are only on loan).   The light was are low then I heard the first comment, then flipped on bright after the second comment in both my financial walk and my mom walk (but that is another post).

Now, the hard part sticking to the budget and being patient because like usually I want to hurry up and be on baby step 7, but that will come and what an amazingly beautiful learning experience it is going to be. 



Baby Steps 

1. $1,000 In An Emergency Fund
2. Pay Off All Debt With The Debt Snowball
3. 3 To 6 Months Expenses In Savings
4. Invest 15% Of Income Into Roth IRAs And Pre-Tax Retirement Plans
5. College Funding
6. Pay Off Your Home Early
7. Build Wealth And Give!

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Day Whatever……22, I believe

Okay, I am a person that generally jumps in with both feet in. to whatever I am going, however, once both feet are in the next through is, “What have a gotten myself into this time?” This new life-style change is the same, however, I am not a quitter, but I will have cheats til those not longer taste well. I should pray that the Chick-Fil-A is no longer a temptation. So, I have discovered that I generally prefer my veggie burgers to beef, chicken, or turkey burgers. I love the fact that I do not to worry about whether my meat is cooked enough. I miss cheese the most and that is the hardest because you can eat anything if it has cheese on it. Now, the word in the plant-based/vegan communities is that nutritional yeast taste like cheese……….not. It taste/smells like fish food, yes, I have tasted fish food, what kid with a fish has not. So, today, I tried a recipe that used sweet potatoes and nutritional yeast to make a nacho cheese, and guess what, it taste like fish food. I even cut the amount of nutritional yeast in half, but still fish food. Then, yesterday, I made a spicy veggie burger (too many jalapenos), and it was just too spicy, so I needed something to cool it down. Yes, I used mayo, because I still hate hummus which sent me in search of a good vegan mayo recipe. I did find a great vegan low-fat mayo recipe. It calls for a lot of onion powder, which I cut in half or 3/4th and the onion taste is still over powering, so next time, I plan on adding bit of mustard seed, fresh onions, peppercorn, and peppers. I am so excited. I am discovering that plant-based eating is a lot of mix and match and trial and error. Tonight, I made a veggie burger with edamame and mushrooms with refried black beans, guacamole, and my new mayo recipe. It was super delicious, had to have a second burger without the bun.

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Day 18

Okay, it is Day 18, I believe.  As the days go by, I am temped to cheat less, and then I do cheat I generally regret it.  Not because I cheated but because the food does not set well on my tummy and meat just does not taste right.  Today, at work we had a lunch and learn about sleep and they served chicken wraps or veggie wrap which included cheese.  So, I figured neither is vegan so I might as well eat the chicken one.  And, it was terrible, and after three or four bites it was in the trash, and I was eating my veggie burger (homemade with edamame and mushrooms).  It was really really good.  Well, the first two veggie burgers were a mess.  I trying to cook them on the George Foreman grill and, well they stuck so I scrapped them off into a plate and ate it.  It was still good.  However, the most excited thing was my youngest munchkin ate it too who helped make so they knew what was in them.  I was so excited until, I heard, “Mommy, this taste all bacon.”  I thoughts bacon, this is good, but does not taste like bacon.  Honestly, I was very glad one of my munchkins was trying it and liking was an awesome bonus. The remaining two, I cooked in the oven and, I got the batter (burger) to sticky.  So, then I grew impatient and turned on the broil to help dry them out, I burnt my potatoes but the burgers were still pretty good.  So, all in all, things are going well, now, if I can just ignore the Chick-Fil-A temptation, I would be perfect.

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Day 8 –

Day 8

Well, I believe this should have been day eight, but as I am sure you can assume I cheated. I cheated all weekend at Chick-Fil-A. But, I am confident that I am can change my mindset from I cannot have it, to I chose not to have it. I have also listened to the audiobook Wheat Belly, just to see what it is all about. I do not know about wheat being like crack or solo purpose of the weight loss, but in my research a lot of my tummy problems could be explained as a wheat allergy or Celiac disease. Now, do I just want to cut out wheat and gluten or be tested first. Well, I would be just testing for the antibodies not the biopsy. Hmmm…..I believe I will email the doctor for his opinion.

So, I am going to chalk the last two days up to cheating and move on. I am going to continue to focus on the fact that I can have meat, dairy, wheat but chose not too, and see what happens. I am going to eat food, I like within my budget and plan and not to force myself to eat food just because it is in the plan and affordable. I am hoping to feel tons better with more energy and a weight loss side effect.

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Day 4

So, day was rough, I knew it would because it was church dinner night. We had the leftover hamburgers and hot dogs of my Sunday School cookout. There was many many other great dishes there, that I chose not to eat because they were not plant-based. I did cheat by taking two bites of my munchkin’s chocolate pie, and honestly, it was not that good. I am home now, waiting for my chocolate mousse to set and spaghetti sauce to warm up,

I have to say the hardness part is just seeing the food that I am choosing not to eat. I do not actually want it, but the fact that it is not in this lifestyle change makes my want it. But, it is just like the pie tonight, I wanted it because mentally, I could not have it, but it tasted terrible.

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Day 3

Day 3

So, today, was hard. I made some strawberry vinegar for my spinach salad and it was terrible so my salad went into the trash. And, then, I had to pick the munchkins up early, and their dinner looked good with a big piece of meat. It actually look gross and I cannot tell you what it was, but I so wanted to take a bite. I did not, but I so wanted too. By the time, we got home, I was so hungry, but did not want to cook anything so I just are some frozen veggie burger with some grapes.

Hmmm….I can do this. I can do this. I am choosing to eat healthier to be healthier.

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