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2015 New Years Resolutions Goals Plan Path Journey

  • 2015 New Years Resolutions Goals Plan Path JourneyWe all know that resolutions are rarely successful. Goals are great but must be outlined then draw and quarterly with little give.  Plans are just dreams that have not become goals.  Path is the road to walk, but the journey is how we walk the path.  I want 2015 to be an amazing journey where I can finally get out of the desert.  Ever feel like the Israelities in your life wandering around the desert for forty years? I am not forty, though my hair says, I could be fifty or sixty and have only been suck for the last three years.  I realized through many closed doors and much prayer that I have to learn to be content with what I am blessed with.  I have a job that I am good at, but I stopped taking the initiative and lost the drive to go the extra mile, but just in the last few weeks God has opened my eyes to see that I have amazing coworker who are becoming friends, and personally, I just want to be a better Mom, and get my ab muscle back :).  Last year, I learned that I cannot be both mom and dad filling in for their dad absents and no one can ever replace him or fill that void but God.  I can focus on our relationships and on our family relationship to help give them a solid foundation.  I want to spend 2015 learning what I can do to have a better attitude and mindset.  To not be that mom, about to rip her hair out in the middle of the Target line because her kids are running a muck or the disgruntled employee who does what is ask while bellyaching in the inside.  I read a book called QBQ several months ago, and then I begging God for an answer for a guide for 2015 this was my answer.  I rediscovered on New Years Day the author and his wife has also written a book called Parenting the QBQ way.  So, I rushed down to the Baptist Book Store and purchased their only copy.  My new motto “What is the QBQ?”.   Which stands for the Question Behind the Questions, both books talk about IQ andQBQ.  An IQ is the incorrect question and theQBQ question behind the question being the better question to ask.  IQ start with why, what, who and general use you, where aQBQ contains anI and an action.   It is a retraining of yourself to get go of what is ready done (good, bad, or ugly) and focusing on what you yourself can do moving forward.Motto: QBQ
    Bible Versus:

    • Psalms 46:10aBe still, and know that I am God
    • Jeremiah 29:11For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope
    • Matthew 7:7-8Ask, and It will be given to you: seek, and your will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.   For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.
    • Proverbs 31: This is the kind of woman, I want to be

Workouts: Five Minutes Abs – daily
Tiny House:  I will have the trailer and shell built by the end of 2015, but I am going to work super hard on having in complete
Massage: Complete my freshman term

What does your 2015 journey look like?

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I have been very very lazy during the last month and a half in blogging. So, lets see if I can update you without writing a novel.

On August 13, I had surgery to remove my ovarian cyst and to treat my endometriosis. I do not know the severity of it as I have not been in to the doctor’s for my follow visit yet. I do know they removed my appendix also and dislocated my shoulder during surgery. I just thought it hurt from surgery, but the Lord directed me to my chiropractor who fixed me up.

I was out of work for three days which should have been four to six weeks, but I could not afford to be out that long both mentally and financially. I am recovering well. There were a few days, I over did it and pulled some stitches but overall doing well.

My sister got married this weekend and it was a wonderful wedding. We got some amazing pictures and I believe her new husband is a good guy and loves her very much. And, the whole family threatened his manhood if he ever hurts her, but I think he is a keeper.

I finally got to hash things out with my mom. I do not really know how to explain it without the drama but here goes. My mom and I are a lot a like and during my teenage years, I did not understand my mom and are relationship was strained. I learned years ago that my mom is my mom and she is the way she is and I am the way I am and we are not going to change the other and I let go of all the angry and bitterness. I did not know how to communicate that without hurting my mom’s feeling, anyways, the issue came about during the wedding prep and my mom and I had it out in a good way. I understand, now, where my mom was coming from now. The amazing thing is that God has been in control the whole time and up until recently I would not have been understanding or shown empathy, because my brain could not understand. God works on His time, and I am very grateful and blessed.

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Being bald

A few things, I had learned about being bald, well, close to it.

First, shampoo does not lather, I thought I should just use less shampoo. Logical, right, less hair, less shampoo, nope, it does not work that way, so I just used my homemade body scrub on my head and it is soft as a baby’s bottom. Okay, not that soft but soft.

Second, not use your expensive microfiber towel on your head as it may cause tearing or sagging. My head is soft but feels like Velcro, hence why people people like to rub a shaven head and now my head.

Third, the feel of the air against my head is still pretty weird, but it has been 29 years since I have felt air on my head.

Fourth, I think my hair is growing before my eyes.

Fifth, I think, I have a rebound headache of sorts without the weight on my hair. Weird

Sixth, my hair was a great cushion then I hit my head in those tiny bathroom stalls.

Seventh, I feel very liberated, like GI Jane.

Eighth, and most important, the word is spreading so ask me about my bald head, and I will happily tell you.

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Cancer Sucks…..

Well, I did it. I had been think of just writing the blog about Madison’s mommy shaving her head, then I read Jennifer’s blog wondering if she was brave enough and wondered why not. I thought at first it would be weird because I was not that close to Madison or her beautiful Mommy, then I saw how excited she was about the out poring of support and thought why not. Then reality sat in, I love my hair and I would really miss it and people would stare and question, and the big question, what if my beautiful curly hair did not grow back, but grew in straight or flat or different and what am I to do if short hair. I have had twenty-nine years to figure out how to do my hair in less than five minutes. Gel or ponytail. Mind, you that the clipper have been sitting out on my bathroom cabinet since last week, and all day they were calling my name. Then, I saw my dear friend and son shave their heads in support, and totally wanted to do it too. How many chances in a lifetime does a girl get in shave her hair in support? So, why not, but the question still plagued me, is my curly hair going to grow back? Then, I thought who cares my hair is half gray already so does it matter? Nope!!!



Here are the before and after picture. I did remember afterward that my sister wedding in two months away, and she is going to kill but their are wigs. I have to say that this is pretty cool.

Thank you Madison and Amy for inspiring me and reminding me for special life is and how blessed, I am. If you feel lead to help Amy reach her goal here is the link.

And for my Papa who lost his battle with cancer in 1995, Uncle who is currently is remission, and Joetta who is battle cancer again, prayers for you.

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How to make a lap Desk

Lap Desk


  • Lap Desk- I brought mine at Hobby Lobby 7.99 but use your 40% coupon
  • Paints – colors for what you are going to paint if you paint
  • Wood burning kit
  • Stencils (optional)
  • Paint Brush
  • Clean finish
  • Sand paper – I like the sand paper squares you get at Hobby Lobby or Home Depot
  • Sketch Me! app- I used this to create the drawing on the lap desk
  • Print
  • Pencil
  • Morning Glories pic – or pic of what you what on it
  • Stain (optional)
  1. Sand the lap desk
  2. Import your picture into Sketch Me and print it out.  I can draw but I am totally out of practice and did not want to mess this up so I used the Sketch Me! app on my Ipad to create an outline.  I chose a sketch with a bit of color because I could not decide whether or not I wanted to paint it after burning it or stain it.   Here is my picture.
  3. After you print it, trace the outlines on the front, then you hold your picture up to a window and trace the outline on the back.
  4. Now, place your picture face down on the lap desk wherever you want it, and retrace the outline on the back and press hard, because this will transfer your outline on the lap desk
  5.  Now, you are done with your picture and you can begin burning the outline with your wooden burning kit.  I did practice with the different tips that came with my kit to find the easy one for me.  I used the tip that looked like a flat head screwdriver.  In my experience, the tiny tips were for detailing, and they did not work for me.
  6. Then, I used my stencil’s to write my message, and draw the hearts. (Sorry, I do not have a picture) and then I burnt them.
  7. Then, I stained it and added a clear finish.  I love how this side turned out.  There are a few imperfections but it is just like me.
  8. Now, I also did the side, after I saw on Pinterest that if you put your hands together correctly you get a heart, and what Mommy or Grandma does not love hand prints.  So, I sanded the other side and gave it three coats of paint mainly to cover the faded spot where the stickers was, and the munchkins picked the color out.
  9. Then I chose white for their hand-prints so they would stand out.  I have discovered that painting the munchkins hands is easier that dipping them in paint and patting off the excess.  I also colored in the heart their hands made.  I think, I liked it better without the red but you live and learn.  And, I added the stencil hearts on the sided to give it something else.
  10. Then I sprayed this side with a clear finish and it is now hanging up to dry.

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Mommy’s Day Present all finished

We got the munchkins, Grandma’s Mommy’s day present all finished.  What do you think?

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Homemade breakfast pizza

I decided to make pizza tonight because it is easy, however, then I opened the refrig., I discovered a munchkin had eaten all the pepperoni.   So, I decided to make a breakfast pizza with chicken apple sausage, scrambled eggs and cheese.  Keep in mind that I am just a great cook and I have been learning how to cook with my stainless stain pans.  I cooked my sausage with no problem in my stainless steel pan, and I googled how to scramble eggs in a stainless steel pan because I have heard stories that stainless steel and eggs….no.   And, this is the video, I found (Video).  Now, I used the same pan, I just cooked the sausage in so my pan was warm and already had a bit of grease from the chicken sausage, so I mixed my eggs and dumped them in the pan.  And, I let them cook, but mine were not cooking like her’s so three or four minutes later, I was wondering if my eggs were going to cook at all.  I looked up to see that then I had dumped the sausage out, I had turned the burner off and my eggs were not cooking.  🙂  Even if with this, the pizza turned out pretty good for a first time breakfast pizza maker.


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Thoughfulness for friends

It has been a rough few days as my munchkin and I have been butting heads and Tuesday night was a dozily.  First, I put the munchkins to bed early because we were all tired, however, they did not go to sleep but into my craft closet.  Normally, I can hear them moving around upstairs, however, Tuesday night, I only heard some light footsteps.  So, I headed up the stairs to hear the youngest say, “Oh, its Mommy, we better go hide.” My first thought was great they are up playing, second was which wall did they color on this time, but to my horror they were not playing or drawing on the wall but painting the floor, each other, all my craft supplies, the wall, and part of the bathroom.  I was furious, and yes, I spanked them which the oldest promptly laughed in my face.  So, I went back to my closet and dropped to my knees on the floor and cried like I have not cried in years because I felt so hopeless.  Why?  They know they are going to get in trouble, so why do it?  And, why not just go to sleep they were so tried?  Why me, God?  God, I cannot do this?  I was angry and hurt and I still have not been able to pinpoint the internal anger but God will show me then I am ready.  Wednesday was horrible, and my dear friend saw me struggling (I like to think all parents do at some point) and then we met up tonight at karate with our munchkins this shirt is what she handed me.  What an amazing friend, I have.  Thank you, for being to like and tender hearted.


Blessed to be a Mom…The hardest job



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Rough Day…..

Today, was a rough day, that is all I can say as I hang my head and close my eyes praying for strength because I am not strong enough.


Dear Lord,

Thank for this day, please teach me from it.


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More Mommy’s Day Presents

Well, I am not totally one hundred percent better, I do not have a stabbing pain but a dull pain and my abdominal cavity is feeling better all through eating causes it to return but once the inflammation goes out, I will be myself again. But, today, the munchkins and have been working on our Mommy’s Day present. I decided to let the munchkins pick out several suncatchers at Hobby Lobby (2 for $1) for everyone that they want to give a Mommy’s Day present to and then they got to paint them. It was a blast.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

While the munchkins were working on this presents, I was finishing up the painted side on my lap desk. What do you think?

This is the painted side on the lap desk.

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