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2015 New Years Resolutions Goals Plan Path Journey

  • 2015 New Years Resolutions Goals Plan Path JourneyWe all know that resolutions are rarely successful. Goals are great but must be outlined then draw and quarterly with little give.  Plans are just dreams that have not become goals.  Path is the road to walk, but the journey is how we walk the path.  I want 2015 to be an amazing journey where I can finally get out of the desert.  Ever feel like the Israelities in your life wandering around the desert for forty years? I am not forty, though my hair says, I could be fifty or sixty and have only been suck for the last three years.  I realized through many closed doors and much prayer that I have to learn to be content with what I am blessed with.  I have a job that I am good at, but I stopped taking the initiative and lost the drive to go the extra mile, but just in the last few weeks God has opened my eyes to see that I have amazing coworker who are becoming friends, and personally, I just want to be a better Mom, and get my ab muscle back :).  Last year, I learned that I cannot be both mom and dad filling in for their dad absents and no one can ever replace him or fill that void but God.  I can focus on our relationships and on our family relationship to help give them a solid foundation.  I want to spend 2015 learning what I can do to have a better attitude and mindset.  To not be that mom, about to rip her hair out in the middle of the Target line because her kids are running a muck or the disgruntled employee who does what is ask while bellyaching in the inside.  I read a book called QBQ several months ago, and then I begging God for an answer for a guide for 2015 this was my answer.  I rediscovered on New Years Day the author and his wife has also written a book called Parenting the QBQ way.  So, I rushed down to the Baptist Book Store and purchased their only copy.  My new motto “What is the QBQ?”.   Which stands for the Question Behind the Questions, both books talk about IQ andQBQ.  An IQ is the incorrect question and theQBQ question behind the question being the better question to ask.  IQ start with why, what, who and general use you, where aQBQ contains anI and an action.   It is a retraining of yourself to get go of what is ready done (good, bad, or ugly) and focusing on what you yourself can do moving forward.Motto: QBQ
    Bible Versus:

    • Psalms 46:10aBe still, and know that I am God
    • Jeremiah 29:11For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope
    • Matthew 7:7-8Ask, and It will be given to you: seek, and your will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.   For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.
    • Proverbs 31: This is the kind of woman, I want to be

Workouts: Five Minutes Abs – daily
Tiny House:  I will have the trailer and shell built by the end of 2015, but I am going to work super hard on having in complete
Massage: Complete my freshman term

What does your 2015 journey look like?

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The Opinionated Religious

I was raised Southern Baptist (but truth be told, I am more Freewill Baptist), to think for myself, be independent (which is a fallacy) and my nature it is fix the problem as soon as I hear it. I do not know how many fights/arguments I could have avoid with my sister, if I would have learned this early on. First, as the older sister, my job is to protect and top that off with my fixer personality, you can image my sisters frustration growing up.
And, I am realizing that I have been and still can be one of those religiously high and mighty holier than thou people. I have been under the impression that being religious will bring me closer to God and fill the emptiness in my heart. I was in church every time the door were open and then the last one out. I followed the rules we associate with being a Christian like: no drinking, smoking, drugs, sex, judgement, mightier than you attitude, etc etc. You get the picture right.

But, I am coming to realize is that, I was going through the motions.
What my heart was needing is a intimate personal relationship with God. And, being the religious opinionated judgmental holier than you person was not giving me than relationship with God, I desired. Image that…..hard to believe. I am learning that my relationship with God is like all other relationships were you have to take time with God, listen and learn. I thought as long as I prayed, went to church, and did all the right religion things, that God and I were good. I cannot believe that I was so arrogant to think that giving God so little of myself would fill the void in my heart that only an intimate relationship with God can fill.

So, as a grow closer to God, He is slowly changing my heart. I am learning to be more caring and merciful and less legalistic. We all sin and fall short of the glory of God but Jesus paid the price for me to be forgiven of my shortcoming. I, many times find myself praying for God to just change my heart quickly to get rid of my legalist thinking and not assume the worst in people, but He is changing my heart in His time and not mine.

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