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I feel like it is Christmas Eve and I am waiting for Santa.  Which is totally weird because we did not have Santa growing up and I do not have Santa with my children (with is a totally different blog topic).  There has been talk at the office about buying or selling cars, and it has inspired me to finally look at maybe possible trading in the gas slurping quad cab truck.  I have had serious doubt that I could drive a car, but I had a rental car for a month a few years bad and survived.  Plus, being that low to the ground makes me feel like Fred Flintstone, and that at any moment, I will need to start pushing.  However, then I filled up my truck last week it was almost eighty dollars (I only get 8 miles to the gallon), that is then it dawned on me how much cheaper (and more environmentally friendly) a car would be.  My sister made the jump from truck to car and her’s was much bigger then mine, and then we go somewhere together it does not both me.  Then me truck has been paid off for a little over a year and it has been totally awesome.  So, I am not looking to go further into debt to purchase a vehicle, but I would like to do a straight trade across.  So, the other night, I did some searching or used cars. Last night, I test drove a Beetle.  I so wanted it but it was 9K more than I wanted to pay, but I stuck to my guns and did not finance it.  Hooray, for me, but, I want to find a deal on a dependable used Beetle.  I hope that I have found one, but it is two hours away and stick shift.  I am hoping that my uncle will be able to stop in, examine it and give the thumbs up, and if not I will wait for the next one.  The problem is that I did not think to ask him if he could check it out earlier in the day, and now, I have a million thoughts running through my head.  Like what if his is out-of-town?  Or cannot make it tomorrow? Or they sell it before he can get there?  Or what if it is a thumbs down? Or what if he says no, he is super busy? What if we can negotiate an awesome deal but I can’t learn a stick shift?  It is clutch, start, clutch, first gear, gas, release the clutch as to press the gas, right?  What is downshifting?  Clutch, then brake then to neutral? Then do I need to shift up? How do I drive on the interstate? Oh, I wish I would have beg Dad teach me to drive a stick? Why can’t I sleep? I have been laying in bed for like an hour?  Should I read a book? No, then it will be four am before I can sleep?  Okay, think black, dark, empty………………………………………….Nope, still awake, well, if I cannot sleep I can write about it.


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