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Being bald

A few things, I had learned about being bald, well, close to it.

First, shampoo does not lather, I thought I should just use less shampoo. Logical, right, less hair, less shampoo, nope, it does not work that way, so I just used my homemade body scrub on my head and it is soft as a baby’s bottom. Okay, not that soft but soft.

Second, not use your expensive microfiber towel on your head as it may cause tearing or sagging. My head is soft but feels like Velcro, hence why people people like to rub a shaven head and now my head.

Third, the feel of the air against my head is still pretty weird, but it has been 29 years since I have felt air on my head.

Fourth, I think my hair is growing before my eyes.

Fifth, I think, I have a rebound headache of sorts without the weight on my hair. Weird

Sixth, my hair was a great cushion then I hit my head in those tiny bathroom stalls.

Seventh, I feel very liberated, like GI Jane.

Eighth, and most important, the word is spreading so ask me about my bald head, and I will happily tell you.

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More MAD LOVE support of Team Madison. Go check out, Jennifer’s new do. I love her pictures. Let’s kick cancers butt.

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Cancer Sucks…..

Well, I did it. I had been think of just writing the blog about Madison’s mommy shaving her head, then I read Jennifer’s blog wondering if she was brave enough and wondered why not. I thought at first it would be weird because I was not that close to Madison or her beautiful Mommy, then I saw how excited she was about the out poring of support and thought why not. Then reality sat in, I love my hair and I would really miss it and people would stare and question, and the big question, what if my beautiful curly hair did not grow back, but grew in straight or flat or different and what am I to do if short hair. I have had twenty-nine years to figure out how to do my hair in less than five minutes. Gel or ponytail. Mind, you that the clipper have been sitting out on my bathroom cabinet since last week, and all day they were calling my name. Then, I saw my dear friend and son shave their heads in support, and totally wanted to do it too. How many chances in a lifetime does a girl get in shave her hair in support? So, why not, but the question still plagued me, is my curly hair going to grow back? Then, I thought who cares my hair is half gray already so does it matter? Nope!!!



Here are the before and after picture. I did remember afterward that my sister wedding in two months away, and she is going to kill but their are wigs. I have to say that this is pretty cool.

Thank you Madison and Amy for inspiring me and reminding me for special life is and how blessed, I am. If you feel lead to help Amy reach her goal here is the link.

And for my Papa who lost his battle with cancer in 1995, Uncle who is currently is remission, and Joetta who is battle cancer again, prayers for you.

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Blessed and inspired

Yesterday, was my Munchkins birthday. The previous night, I cuddled my sweet munchkin and thanked God for the what an amazing blessing I have. Then, I thought Lord if anything ever happens to either one of my children please remind my of this very moment and the blessings You have given me already and to be thankful for the time, I had with them. I do not know if, that is a morbid thought or not but I know that tomorrow is not promised to us and many of us including me take it for granted much of the time. But, I have heard my Grammy’s stories of the loss of her first child and seen how it has shaped my grandparent’s lives, and more recently, I have seen and read stories of children battling cancer especially one little girl named Madison. I work with her beautiful mother and got to know a little bit about what a beautiful courageous girl Madison was through her mom and through her blog. My heart breaks for her parents, and every time, I hug my munchkins, I thank God and say a pray for Madison’s mom. Who I can only image would give anything to hold her beautiful Madison again. It reminds me of an interview, I saw of the Chapman’s after they lost their previous Maria, where Mary Beth said and I am trying to paraphrasing here, “as a mother, I want my Maria back, I do not care how many lives her death has touched,” I could not even began to image, and to be perfect honest I do not want to. I do, however, want to help but I am not good with words or encouragement and I wish I could just hug them and not out of sadness or pity but out of strength. I have been blessed and inspired through Madison and her mom and through other families, I have gotten to know through Team Madison. So, I ask you to say a prayer for these families who have lost children and the ones still fighting and remember tomorrow is not promised so savory every moment even the moments that make you want to scream or cry because you think your heart is broken.

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