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Dating Again

Dating Again

I have decide that it is time to think about dating again, and a coworker told me about a free dating website. Last weekend, I thought why not give this a try what is it going to hurt. I setup my profile, answered some weird questions and started searching. I was just honest and straight forward. The biggest thing was waiting for a more intimate relationship until marriage. I have already received a message from a troll being nasty to and guy saying sorry that is a no go for him, which I am total fine with. But in this process, I decided that I will be setting an example for my children if and then I dated again. I do not want to be the mother preaching one thing and doing another. I do not plan on meeting anyone, but it will have an amazing interesting learning experience. It was actually been a good to see that I am not longer that lonely young girl just looking for love and settling for who will take me. I know what I want and definitely what I do not want, which things I am willing to bend on and which I stand behind. It is a freeing feeling to know that I am valuable and special and if you are going to be a part of my life and later my children’s then you should know and respect me. I would not have to settle.

Honestly, I have not done, a lot of dating in my life. I dating my ex-husband a few months before we married and then I believe I dated my children’s dad a few weeks before we moved in. And, my first date even was my senior year in high school who I have never heard from again. The first year after my husband and I split, I had one date on Valentine’s Day, just so I was not alone. And, after the Valentine Day date, I had a few dates with a coworker’s friend, but I do not remember much about him but he had a beard. So, this online dating is weird.

Is okay to be chatting with four guys at a time?
When do you say okay, we are take this to the next level and only talk to each other?
How long should you chat in online before texting and talking on the phone?
Is there a timeline to follow you chat for a week online, then text a few more weeks, and talk on the phone a few times then you have a date, etc?
How long should you chat, text, and talk on the phone before you meet?
How in depth should the discussions go?
Do I really want to meet someone I met on the net?
What if he is a jerk in person?
Why do the married guy keep popping up on my matches?
Why am I here again, I am perfectly happy with my life now?
Can I ask about their online dating search without sound jealous or crazy?
Can I lose the fifty pounds a gained over the last year before I actually meet this person?

I believe these questions and the work of a relationship is what kept me hanging on to the past, but I am happy with my life either way.

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Day 8 –

Day 8

Well, I believe this should have been day eight, but as I am sure you can assume I cheated. I cheated all weekend at Chick-Fil-A. But, I am confident that I am can change my mindset from I cannot have it, to I chose not to have it. I have also listened to the audiobook Wheat Belly, just to see what it is all about. I do not know about wheat being like crack or solo purpose of the weight loss, but in my research a lot of my tummy problems could be explained as a wheat allergy or Celiac disease. Now, do I just want to cut out wheat and gluten or be tested first. Well, I would be just testing for the antibodies not the biopsy. Hmmm…..I believe I will email the doctor for his opinion.

So, I am going to chalk the last two days up to cheating and move on. I am going to continue to focus on the fact that I can have meat, dairy, wheat but chose not too, and see what happens. I am going to eat food, I like within my budget and plan and not to force myself to eat food just because it is in the plan and affordable. I am hoping to feel tons better with more energy and a weight loss side effect.

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