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To FB or Not To

To FB or Not To

Well, first off, I have to say that I have never read their privacy policy but per Facebook, the news media and several Facebook users that policy was changed more times then I feel comfortable with. Second, I spend way more time on Facebook than I should and I do not know where that time goes. I generally feel that I have wasted an hour or two on Facebook and do not have anything to gain from it. Third, the drama, and yes, I am guilty of it too. Mainly, with the ex and his family but we are not longer friends. I was de-friended and then I blocked them, because I do not want to be that drama Facebook person. Fourth, do I really really need to follow people from high school that did not care about me then and probably do not now. I mean I have like 100ish friends on Facebook and seriously know like five maybe seven including my family. Fifth, the adversing on Facebook is driving me crazy and there are things that pop up on my news feed because my friends like it, that I could totally live without.

Now, what I would miss about Facebook, my sister and brother-in-law post and updates, but I am sure I can get updates with text, calls and visits. I would also miss my high school English teacher’s post who also graduated high school with my mom (small town, I actually had the same computer teacher and the principal as my mom). I have to admit, I totally hated her class. Her would give us this list of like 20 to 30 words each week for us to learn that were big giant words that normal people never use. Well, turns out those words were important for the ACT and SAT and yes life. And, then there was the literature journal we had to keep for each story read. We journaled the theme, characters, plots, setting, and something else I can’t remember. There are five sections that they had to journal for every story. However, notes in my specialty and I actually loved the journaling except for Shakespeare. I hate Shakespeare, sorry, the stories are good but I just do not understand the language. Anyways, this English teacher and her husband are now the pastors at one of our locate churches, which I cannot remember the name but where it is located in town. She has some pretty amazing post and even admits her faults and even inspires me to go running. I would miss her post, maybe I can request them in my email. You think? The more I think about it the more, I am okay with giving Facebook and all the games up. I do not post about my kids much anymore or pictures of them for several reason but mainly safety. And, I personal wish Facebook would not allow pictures of children to be posted at all because I do not want other people to post pictures of my children. As it is now, I cannot stop them. I cannot even stop them from posting a picture of me, and believe me, my Dad has posted some pretty embarrassing ones of us kids. I would also lose many of my readers that follow my blog on Facebook and comment there. This is a pretty big deal breaker for giving up Facebook, what to do?

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Really…..The White House has a Facebook staff

Sorry, I am ranting, please forget me. Really….The White House has a staff to monitor/run/manage its Facebook page?  Is that the best use of tax preparer dollars?  Okay, that is all I have to say because I could write pages but that is not going to change the fact and only angry me which will keep me away from God.

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Finally Joined

I finally joined Pinterest through my twitter account because I cannot being myself to switch to Timeline on Facebook.  I am slowing figured things out, and I have actually pinned several things already.   I am finding tons of crafting ideas.  And, I found some great morning glories pictures that I am super excited about for a project, I am working on.  I will definitely post pictures when I am done.

I am that your Saturday is going great, and if it is a rough Saturday that you have the joy of God.

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System Overload

I am on system overload right now, because I am already on Facebook, MySpace, Farmville, word with friends, scramble with friends, Evernote, Dropbox, yahoo messanger, Google voice, and of course email. I have recently discovered podcast, blogs, twitter (still trying to figure it out), RSS feeder (I believe that is what it is called), Google+, and it is overloading my brain. I would like to find app (if there is one out there) that will track all of them in one spot and update automatically and notify me so I do not forget and miss something. I feel a bit out of date which is funny to me given the fact I am only 29, how am I going to feel in ten or twenty years. It is unbelievable the amount of information out there on the world wide web, but even I sit down to do my homework with my textbook and Google search. I generally reply on Google searches more than my textbook.

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Please….Do NOT post my children pictures of your social media sites

Now, yesterday, I was so mad, because someone I know posted a picture of my child of the Facebook knowing how I feel about it.  So, first I instantly felt invalidated because my opinion did not matter, and then I was anger because that is my child who everyone can see.  I do not know all your friends or your friends of friends or what your security setting are on your page.  I have done the research and know that the chance the a crazy person is surfing Facebook are slim, I do not want to risk it.  And, who is to say that the crazy people are not moving along technology also.  And, I know that you can meet people online and be life long friends, but I also that the other people on the other end can be lie throw their teeth.  So, please, think about you post any picture and especially pictures of your children or anyone else children, and respect their wishing as I would hope they would respect your.


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