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I left lunch today, not angry, okay for about ten second, because ultimately my parenting is being attacked. But, I know in my heart I am doing the right thing and we will get through this stage (learning then their strong-will is good and then to let go. Something, I still struggle with) which is something both my munchkins will have to go through. Today, I needed a break from the parenting advise. Mainly, because I wanted to scream that my child is not your child and your tactics do not work, but unless you have a strong-willed, stubborn, sweet, heart fill of love child, you cannot understand. Generally, I just blow off this advise off, however, I just had this conversation Saturday with a friend and the angry is still fresh. And, part of people giving me advise is my venting my frustration with my oldest munchkin, who is just like me. I know how my munchkin’s brain works, however, knowing how to deal with it is as a parent is another thing. I did read a book called, “you can’t make me, but you can persuade me” which has given me a great understand of myself and taught me how to relate to my munchkin. As, I sit here on the patio, thinking about how frustrating the last year was and dread the coming one, a few thought are clear.

My munchkin will be great
I will continue to fight for both of them, even against popular belief
God will see us through this, as this is just a stepping stone in His plans for us
What a blessing, I have in both my strong-willed children

Now, my prayer is that God reminds me of this then strong wills battle it out. :). Thank you, Lord, for the topic of lunch today. You do bless us through our struggles.


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Angry Day

Well, today, was an angry day. Last night, I got a few text unexpectedly and then this evening, I had to review the meeting from last week. I kept my peace last week, but I seem to be losing it this week. I know it is because I wear my feeling on my sleeve, and although I am far from perfect it gets under my skin then people refuse to make responsibility for their actions and wrong doing in the event. What makes me angry is that yes, I have made many mistakes, but I am not the only one. So, can we get over yourselves and work things out because I seem to be the only one trying? I know life is all about relationships, but right now, I wish I could lock myself away in a B&B with whirlpool tub, my Bible, notebook, and have solitude with God, or just go sit on a rock on top of Mt. Scott and decompress. Dr. Gary Smalley is so right in his book The DNA of Relationships

20130627-230139.jpg (this is a picture of a diagram from Dr. Gary Smalley’s book, The DNA of Relationship page Page 778, large print kindle version). because when you push my button and hurt me, I instantly want to hurt you much worse than you hurt me. I am excellent at hurting back because I do it on the sly, not that, that is something to be proud of as I am not. I am very grateful for this book that I first read ten or so years ago, then I was trying to save my marriage. I did not save my marriage but I saved myself and began to understand myself and have peace. I also can stop and evaluate why I am angry. Is it really that person, or that they pushed my button? So, I believe it is time to use the power of one and regain my peace. I will start with apologizing to my sister for snapping that her. I cannot worry about other people’s actions and reactions, but I can take control of my actions and reactions. I guess that is another thing, is that I want validation for taking control of my button (and not be a crazy woman, you know the kind I am talking about, because very few people have yet to see me truly angry), instead of condemnation. Now, I am feeling better already.

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