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Being a kid…again

Being a kid again…..need a say more.





Please at nearly thirty years old, my mom can and will still spank my bottom, and guess what I still listen to her. Who said spanking does not work?

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Being bald

A few things, I had learned about being bald, well, close to it.

First, shampoo does not lather, I thought I should just use less shampoo. Logical, right, less hair, less shampoo, nope, it does not work that way, so I just used my homemade body scrub on my head and it is soft as a baby’s bottom. Okay, not that soft but soft.

Second, not use your expensive microfiber towel on your head as it may cause tearing or sagging. My head is soft but feels like Velcro, hence why people people like to rub a shaven head and now my head.

Third, the feel of the air against my head is still pretty weird, but it has been 29 years since I have felt air on my head.

Fourth, I think my hair is growing before my eyes.

Fifth, I think, I have a rebound headache of sorts without the weight on my hair. Weird

Sixth, my hair was a great cushion then I hit my head in those tiny bathroom stalls.

Seventh, I feel very liberated, like GI Jane.

Eighth, and most important, the word is spreading so ask me about my bald head, and I will happily tell you.

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More MAD LOVE support of Team Madison. Go check out, Jennifer’s new do. I love her pictures. Let’s kick cancers butt.

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Blessed and inspired

Yesterday, was my Munchkins birthday. The previous night, I cuddled my sweet munchkin and thanked God for the what an amazing blessing I have. Then, I thought Lord if anything ever happens to either one of my children please remind my of this very moment and the blessings You have given me already and to be thankful for the time, I had with them. I do not know if, that is a morbid thought or not but I know that tomorrow is not promised to us and many of us including me take it for granted much of the time. But, I have heard my Grammy’s stories of the loss of her first child and seen how it has shaped my grandparent’s lives, and more recently, I have seen and read stories of children battling cancer especially one little girl named Madison. I work with her beautiful mother and got to know a little bit about what a beautiful courageous girl Madison was through her mom and through her blog. My heart breaks for her parents, and every time, I hug my munchkins, I thank God and say a pray for Madison’s mom. Who I can only image would give anything to hold her beautiful Madison again. It reminds me of an interview, I saw of the Chapman’s after they lost their previous Maria, where Mary Beth said and I am trying to paraphrasing here, “as a mother, I want my Maria back, I do not care how many lives her death has touched,” I could not even began to image, and to be perfect honest I do not want to. I do, however, want to help but I am not good with words or encouragement and I wish I could just hug them and not out of sadness or pity but out of strength. I have been blessed and inspired through Madison and her mom and through other families, I have gotten to know through Team Madison. So, I ask you to say a prayer for these families who have lost children and the ones still fighting and remember tomorrow is not promised so savory every moment even the moments that make you want to scream or cry because you think your heart is broken.

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No Kids Allowed

I got a call from the daycare to come pick up my sick child, which the way, has been fine all afternoon. I pick up both the munchkins around nap time so we got home and they wanted to take a bath. Well, no problem, I thought easier to get them to sleep. No, it did not work out that way, it has a big battle of Mom vs the Munchkins and mom lost. I laid down with the youngest and then it was a battle with the oldest one. So, I sent one downstairs and the other to my room. I was cooking and cleaning and trying to use the afternoon productively and then I notice that my oldest was not laying down on the couch, but had went upstairs. And, about that time the Munchkins came downstairs with a painting for me and covered in green paint. As a mom, I was totally excited, but then reality and oh man what did they paint this time set in. I ran up to my little craft area where I store my craft stuff and what do you know, no paint anywhere. I was really excited until I walked pass their room. They had been painting in their room and not only had they painted each other they painted the carpet of their room…..GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! So, the last time they did is I just sink in a pit of despair. However this time, I was armed with the fear dance and my button and controling my reactions and so on and so on. I did not throw a complete fit deciding it is probably not going to be the worst thing they ever do and this is water base paint so let see if I can get it out. I have to say, with the carpet cleaner and my homemade all purpose cleaner and the carpet looks amazing.

So, the new rule is: No kids allowed in Mom’s room, bathroom, and closet.

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Why do children not come with an instruction manuals

I always remember my mom saying, “I wish you came with an instruction manual” or “you do not come with an instruction manual” Now, after being a mom for a few years, I understand what my mom was saying. I too wish that sometimes children did come with an instruction manual but I probably would not follow it any way. I do listen to several Christian parenting podcast and am always reading Christian parenting books and listening friends and relatives experiences and of course reference my own upbringing as a guide to raise my children. I am far from super mom but I do my very best and love my children with all my heart.

I can say with great certainly that raising children is the greatest and hardest job that I have been blessed with.

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Why, Why, Why

So, today on our way home, the munchkin would ask I question, that I would answer then ask why to the answer. In was in the fourth or fifth cycle of this that I got annoyed with the why, why, why, Mommy, that I realized why the why questions annoy me because I expect the person asking to already know the answer because general I ask a question only if I know all possible outcomes.

I have to say then a step back, breath, let go of my expectations and give glory to God, that is an amazing feeling.

The amazing blessing our children are and I love learned from them.

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One proud Mommy

My munchkin and I have been butting heads for the last few days, and yesterday, it came to a head then the word stupid was used several times at daycare a long with a flying chair.  So, today, then I dropped the munchkin off at daycare, they were told to apologize to the class and the scene that unfolded brought tears to my eyes.  I assumed one apology to the whole class would do, however, the munchkin went to every student in the class, touched their shoulder, looked at their face and said, “I am sorry” in the sweetest kindest voice.  There are twenty plus children in the class, now that took courage and strength.  I was a very proud Mommy today, and I learned a lesson in the courage to apologize.  I believe many of us believe apologizing in a sign of weakness or defect then it is really taking the time to validate the other person and letting them know that regardless of what happened (who was wrong or right) there feelings are important to you.  Wow….is all I can say.

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Thoughfulness for friends

It has been a rough few days as my munchkin and I have been butting heads and Tuesday night was a dozily.  First, I put the munchkins to bed early because we were all tired, however, they did not go to sleep but into my craft closet.  Normally, I can hear them moving around upstairs, however, Tuesday night, I only heard some light footsteps.  So, I headed up the stairs to hear the youngest say, “Oh, its Mommy, we better go hide.” My first thought was great they are up playing, second was which wall did they color on this time, but to my horror they were not playing or drawing on the wall but painting the floor, each other, all my craft supplies, the wall, and part of the bathroom.  I was furious, and yes, I spanked them which the oldest promptly laughed in my face.  So, I went back to my closet and dropped to my knees on the floor and cried like I have not cried in years because I felt so hopeless.  Why?  They know they are going to get in trouble, so why do it?  And, why not just go to sleep they were so tried?  Why me, God?  God, I cannot do this?  I was angry and hurt and I still have not been able to pinpoint the internal anger but God will show me then I am ready.  Wednesday was horrible, and my dear friend saw me struggling (I like to think all parents do at some point) and then we met up tonight at karate with our munchkins this shirt is what she handed me.  What an amazing friend, I have.  Thank you, for being to like and tender hearted.


Blessed to be a Mom…The hardest job



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