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New Wall Painting

As I was on my way downstairs, I caught sight on my munchkin’s new art work on the wall. My first thought…..really?  My second camera.  My third this totally going on my blog.  My fourth one day they well understand then their child is coloring the walls.  I cannot help but smile because I am blessed with healthy beautiful children who are full of energy and life.  I love that they do their own thing, however, as a mom it can be frustrating.

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Joys are being a parent……

I love being a mommy.  It is the hardest most rewarding job, I believe I will ever have.  I am definitely not mother of the year, but I am not terrible.  I love my munchkins with all my heart and try very hard to make the best choices for their futures.  I try to teach by example instead of by my words.  I always hated my mom saying to me, “Do as I say not as I do.”  I have learned through the years that actions speak louder than words.  I am continually learning to be a better mom.  And, being a mom has taught me a little patience and understanding, and has softened my heart.  As Mommy’s day grows closer, I know that I am truly blessed.  Yes, my munchkins get on my nerves just as I get on their nerves, but every hugs or “I love you” or kiss makes it all worth it.  I would like to share some of my patience learning moments over the past few years.


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My First Field Trip As A Mommy

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Well, today was my first field trip as a Mommy, and I was pretty nerve.  I did not want to embarrass my munchkin.  It took me three days to decide what to wear.  I finally, decided on my yoga pants and matching shirt because it is comfortable and matches my walking shoes.  I debated whether or not to wear my jeans but they have a hole in the knee and I did not know if that would be appropriate so yoga outfit it was.  I did discover that I wished that I had worn my jeans so I would have a pocket for my camera but you live and learn.   Of course, this morning of all mornings my munchkins decided to drag themselves around, so I was a bit tense on top of the nerves.  I did not want to let my munchkin down or be that embarrassing mom with the kid rolling those eyes at me.   As the we got to school, I was pretty excited about getting to ride of a school again, but now days they do not let parents ride the bus anymore.  Hmm…My miracle baby was riding the bus for the first time alone, well without Mommy.  Surprisingly, I was totally okay with that, I was more disappointed that I did not get to take pictures of the first bus ride.  There were several tearful parents waving their munchkins off, and principal standing outside to comfort them. Once we got to the zoo, the kids had a critter class were they learned about porcupines.  Did you know that some porcupines live in trees and eat starfish?   And, I did not until today that hippos are not strictly water mammals.  The day was pretty great, it was a rough start after the critter class for the munchkin (wanted to be with a group of friends)  and me (trying to fit in with the Moms), but we did it and what a blessing it was.  And, the normal debate I have with myself on whether to support the zoo or not only cross my mind once.   I mean these animals are cages many small areas for thousands of people to come stare at them.  These animals were meant to run free but then I think they have got a pretty cushy life because they are protected and fed and do not have to worry about being another animals dinner.  Even, I feel caged sometimes and just want to get out of my house to go running.  Sorry, I totally got off subject but it is always a part of my Zoo trips.

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