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My Cheese Was Moved

I was inspired by listening to Dave Ramsey’s radio show to improve my platform as an employee and team member.   I know that I can be an extremist from zero to sixty and sixty to zero in three seconds.  The reviews and endorsements on the book “Who Moved My Cheese,” are raving, and being credited with saving jobs, careers, marriages, and so on.  I was so enthused to read it, that I purchased it from Barnes and Noble at the higher in store price instead of the cheaper online price.  As I began reading, my balloon sprang a leak and with every word read, my bewilderment grew.  How could this book be credited with saving jobs, careers, relationship, etc etc?  Now, since, I hate quitting, I read on.   Towards, the end of the story, was were it clicked, “Who Moved My Cheese?”  Duh, if I would just ask myself “Who Moved my Cheese?, Which direction do I go to find it?, Where their warning sign?”  All in all, this is a liberating book, that allows a bit of humor, when evaluating a situation before jumping head first into the deep end.  I highly recommend this book to everyone, and I look forward to purchasing “Who Moved My Cheese for Kids”


I got to apply the who moved my cheese question this weekend.  Saturday morning, I had plans to stop by Target return few things, stop by the garden center for help with my citrus trees, and then pick up a book from Mardels and then a that Lifeway.  As, I was driving down the road, I heard a pop then my transmission did a weird thing, followed by the check engine light.  Hmmmm….I prayed that we would make it to Target and then to Autozone.  The test revealed a transmission issue that only Dodge could fix.  I am sure, you see where this is going.   “Who moved my Cheese, was the question on my mind and praying that my semi funded emergency fund would cover the cost.   And, praise God it did, and I was not freaking out that I am back at the beginning of baby step 1.  Praise God, that I had my emergency fund.


Have you read, “Who Moved My Cheese” or “Who Moved My Cheese for Kids”?  I would love to hear your stories.

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I Want Chick-Fil-A

I had the choice to go to Chick-Fil-A with a friend, tonight, but since it is not in the budget……….I had to decline, but it was so hard.  Since this is generally, how we hang out-at Chick-Fil-A with our munchkins on family night.   I so wanted to go, and in the interest of full disclosure I did cave at the end of the conversation, but thank the Lord they had already eaten.   It was a hard decision but an easy one too, because there is a light at the end of the tunnel and a purpose for being in the tunnel.  Since, we were able to get home early, we were able to go riding again this evening, hooray.  It is was still pretty awesome, but bit harder.  Yesterday, I was zooming, even had to circle back a few times, but today felt like running a race.  I was wheezing and couching with that burning in my chest, telling my body it is too out of shape to be doing this.  I could not believe it.  Then, I was in college, I use to ride ten miles a day, so what happened?  Life, I got married, was poor, sold bike, marriage fell apart, then had munchkins, but now we are going to get back in the swing of things…….super excited.  Well, my brain is.  If the only fitness ability, I pass out to my munchkins is a love of ride then I will call it good.  So, that wraps up the day.

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Awesomely Blessed Day

What an awesomely blessed day today is. I have installed a negative thought detector so negative thoughts send off warning signs to get Satan deceitfully lies out of my head. So far, God has enabled me to chase those horribly negative thoughts off, and I am so excited. I have been reading Joyce Meyer book Change Your Words, Change your Life over the last few weeks and it is an amazing book. I am one of those enthusiastic dorky people who even the smallest thing (like my friend giving me M&Ms) gives me great joy. However, somewhere over the years, I have learned to bury sharing that joy, and instead, showing the world what I perceive those around me except me to be out of fear (fear of rejection). But in reading Joyce’s book, I have begun sharing the joy with those around me, and today, a faced my world with the all blessings of God and a big sweetpea smile braces and all. 🙂

I will not live in fear derived from Satan’s deceit anymore. Joyce says, “We are energized by positive words and weakened by negative ones. Words can make us angry or they can calm us down; therefore, they must have power” (Page 6). A word or words can change the course of our lives. As I look back over my life, I can see how just a few words changed the whole course of my life. Do you remember when the book The Prayer of Jabez first came out in the 90s? One of the few parts, I read stated that we should pray for blessings, which at the time I though selfish. Joyce says basically the same thing in her book. I remember thinking the first time, I read Change Your Words, Change your Life and thought what if I am not blessed. But, blessing are not always this big huge thing. God blesses us in so many different way throughout the day from M&Ms to a card to a simple smile from a strangler. We just need to see through God’s eyes, so we do not miss them. Today, is an awesomely blessed day.

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I do not know what to say.   On July 9, the thread of trust was broken, but I have learned so much from the roller coaster of emotion that followed.  I have gone from wanting to: scream in angry, curse in disbelieve, cry at the pain, sadness, and lost, walk away never to look back, hatred and a broken promise, kick myself for trusting, find help for the eating disorders, holding a hand as someone who has been there, talked about my hopes, dreams, and plans on raising the munchkins.  I had valued your ideas, opinions, and experiences as I do my own mom.  I cannot say that I am happy at the untruths told as the munchkins have been the ones hurt the most, but The Lord has used and my other relationships to show me a little understanding of the true meaning of love.

Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up; does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil; does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. (I Corinthians 13:4-7 NKJV)

With God’s help, I am going to let go and think of this experience as blessing like Laura Story song Blessing.

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I left lunch today, not angry, okay for about ten second, because ultimately my parenting is being attacked. But, I know in my heart I am doing the right thing and we will get through this stage (learning then their strong-will is good and then to let go. Something, I still struggle with) which is something both my munchkins will have to go through. Today, I needed a break from the parenting advise. Mainly, because I wanted to scream that my child is not your child and your tactics do not work, but unless you have a strong-willed, stubborn, sweet, heart fill of love child, you cannot understand. Generally, I just blow off this advise off, however, I just had this conversation Saturday with a friend and the angry is still fresh. And, part of people giving me advise is my venting my frustration with my oldest munchkin, who is just like me. I know how my munchkin’s brain works, however, knowing how to deal with it is as a parent is another thing. I did read a book called, “you can’t make me, but you can persuade me” which has given me a great understand of myself and taught me how to relate to my munchkin. As, I sit here on the patio, thinking about how frustrating the last year was and dread the coming one, a few thought are clear.

My munchkin will be great
I will continue to fight for both of them, even against popular belief
God will see us through this, as this is just a stepping stone in His plans for us
What a blessing, I have in both my strong-willed children

Now, my prayer is that God reminds me of this then strong wills battle it out. :). Thank you, Lord, for the topic of lunch today. You do bless us through our struggles.

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Shock of a Lifetime

Shock of a Lifetime

So, I few weeks ago, I got the shock of my lifetime, well, my life so far, and I am only 30.  I will not go into detail but then I first heard I could believe it.  I wanted to call this terrible person up and give her a good talking too.  Then, the shock and disbelief set in.  I can be pretty good at keeping my mouth shut, but I have limits until my children and family it threatened.  So, I got off the phone, many the two calls I needed too, and turned off all electronic devices and went to lunch with some old co-workers which I had planned two months ago.  I was excited that I did……No, GOD maintained most of my peace.  I know God is in control and will see my family through this.  I do know that it will cost me a very dear friend of mine and my youngest child their best friend, but God is in control.  I do not know what other valleys and mountains lay ahead, but I know God is going to be there every step of the way.  I know that this is only going to strength my relationship with God, because His strength will be the only thing to get me through it.

This week is VBS at my church and the theme is Facing Fear, Trusting God from 2 Timothy 1:7-For God has not given us a spirit of fearfulness, but one of power, love, and sound judgement.  That verses is what I need that day a few weeks ago hear, today and through the rest of this trial.

 Philippians 4:13 – I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Romans 8:28 – And, we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

Romans 12:14 – Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse.    I did not want to hear or see this one, but it showed up, so Lord, please, show me how to whole heartedly forgive this person and be a blessing.  Lord, please, keep my lip and teeth closed prevent my tongue from cursing.

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Angry Day

Well, today, was an angry day. Last night, I got a few text unexpectedly and then this evening, I had to review the meeting from last week. I kept my peace last week, but I seem to be losing it this week. I know it is because I wear my feeling on my sleeve, and although I am far from perfect it gets under my skin then people refuse to make responsibility for their actions and wrong doing in the event. What makes me angry is that yes, I have made many mistakes, but I am not the only one. So, can we get over yourselves and work things out because I seem to be the only one trying? I know life is all about relationships, but right now, I wish I could lock myself away in a B&B with whirlpool tub, my Bible, notebook, and have solitude with God, or just go sit on a rock on top of Mt. Scott and decompress. Dr. Gary Smalley is so right in his book The DNA of Relationships

20130627-230139.jpg (this is a picture of a diagram from Dr. Gary Smalley’s book, The DNA of Relationship page Page 778, large print kindle version). because when you push my button and hurt me, I instantly want to hurt you much worse than you hurt me. I am excellent at hurting back because I do it on the sly, not that, that is something to be proud of as I am not. I am very grateful for this book that I first read ten or so years ago, then I was trying to save my marriage. I did not save my marriage but I saved myself and began to understand myself and have peace. I also can stop and evaluate why I am angry. Is it really that person, or that they pushed my button? So, I believe it is time to use the power of one and regain my peace. I will start with apologizing to my sister for snapping that her. I cannot worry about other people’s actions and reactions, but I can take control of my actions and reactions. I guess that is another thing, is that I want validation for taking control of my button (and not be a crazy woman, you know the kind I am talking about, because very few people have yet to see me truly angry), instead of condemnation. Now, I am feeling better already.

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Well, the big meeting with the counselor and family was today.  It did not go as well as, I hoped, but did not go as terrible as I feared.  I tried to keep it to the facts, not to harp on the past, but to set the boundaries to hopefully rebuild the trust that has been broken on all sides.  I did pretty well not rebutting their opinions and feeling and not interrupting too much til a comment was made about my mothering stills at the end.  Then, I got a bit frustrated, because it was like the whole meeting was a waste and snapped a bit.  Since then, I have been running the comment over and over in my head trying to justify being angry.  I just want to tell them that what was said was totally unforgivable, but I cannot get myself working up over it.  Would I be  justified? Absolutely.  Is it worth losing my peace over? Nope.  And, honestly, it did not even get up my skin which is a big improvement for me, because even a few weeks ago that comment would have started a soapbox speech.  I believe it is an answer to prayers.   The meeting ending on a negative note, so I do not know if history is going to meeting itself or not.  I do know that I have to be open up enough to step out in faith in opening myself up for the trust to be rebuilt.

Today, I wrote down several Bible verses to focus on during the meeting to help me keep my peace, allow them to voice their opinions and feelings, to not fact fight, and have a positive attitude.

Be still and know that I am God – Psalms 46:10

A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stars up anger – Proverbs 15:1

And, whenever y ou stand praying, if you have anything against anyone, forgive him, that your Father in heaven may also forgive you your trespasses – Mark 11:25

Then Peter come to Him and said, “Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me, & I forgive?  Up to seven times?” Jesus said to him, “I do not say to you, up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven – Matthew 18:21-22

But if you love those who love you, what credit is that to you?  For even sinners love those who love them – Luke 6:32

And, we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose – Romans 8:28

But I say to you who hear: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you – Luke 6:27

But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you – Matthew 5:44

I also listen to the audiobooks: Boundaries by Henry Cloud, The DNA of Relationships by Dr. Gary Smalley, Love is a Verb & Love is a Way of Life both by Dr. Gary Chapman to help me be prepared for this meeting.  I did not want to just be the last six years of build up angry rolling out but setting the boundaries and looking to the future.

It was neat to me how the book Boundaries and The DNA of Relationships both reference a lot of the same stuff.   The biggest help is knowing what my fear button which is why many of the things that are said get under my skin and working on react correcting to it.  Because your button is always going to get pushed, it is how you to react then your button gets pushed that is the important part.  Today showed that I not where I used to be, but I am not where I need to be.

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Three days in and going well

Three days into the new year and going well. I am on three week of reading through the Bible in chronological order. Job was pretty hard to read but I am hoping as I understand more of the Bible that I will be able to reread it and understand better. I have found that it is hard for me to put my Bible down was start reading it, but actually picking it up to read is hard.

I have been doing well on my journaling, and posted my wedding dress on Craig’s List writing out a budget and got most of my laundry done and been eating my veggies. So, going in strong and keeping the momentum going to reach my goals.

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Nothing to say

I have not had much to say over the last few weeks, but God has been working in my life. I cannot feel God in my heart of hearts but I can see God working in my life. It is so amazing and I am totally and completely blessed. I have let go of my beloved and the hope of our family reuniting and forgiven him of all the hurt and pain he has caused me and our munchkins, made peace with his family (I am so excited and hopeful to see how my relationship and the munchkins’ relationship unfold with them. God, please, let me not overstep my place in my relationship with them as I figure out my relationships with them), I have received an amazing new church family, and my frozen heart of hatred, self-pity, anger, worthlessness, distrust, arrogance, etc has started to change. I do not look at people and wonder what they are trying to get out of me or what their angle is or how are they are using me, etc. I am sure the world did not suddenly get better, but God is changes my heart. Blessed be to God.

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