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Kinda off the grid weekend

So this weekend, well, Saturday afternoon and Sunday, I turned off my internet, computer, phone, Wii, and TV why? Well, for several reasons, but the most important was that I got upset Saturday because I was been childish, I know I know hard to believe. An argument that I got short tempered because when my fear button was push a reacted badly. I know me well enough to know, I am an escalator and I would push back and push hard so I generally just lock myself away because once said never unsaid. The other reason beginning a very sick munchkins and 36 hours with a few hours sleep makes me a crabby person. I have to confess in those weak moments fighting to stay away Facebook and pinterest where my friends, but the Kindle Fire is not internet friendly so in the wee hours of the morning while rocking my sweet sick munchkin, I read a few crazy book, a few samplers, and pinched myself to stay away or at least half awake so I could keep rocking. I sit here even now rocking, but I would not trade it for the world. What a blessing, it is to get to be called mom.

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