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I left lunch today, not angry, okay for about ten second, because ultimately my parenting is being attacked. But, I know in my heart I am doing the right thing and we will get through this stage (learning then their strong-will is good and then to let go. Something, I still struggle with) which is something both my munchkins will have to go through. Today, I needed a break from the parenting advise. Mainly, because I wanted to scream that my child is not your child and your tactics do not work, but unless you have a strong-willed, stubborn, sweet, heart fill of love child, you cannot understand. Generally, I just blow off this advise off, however, I just had this conversation Saturday with a friend and the angry is still fresh. And, part of people giving me advise is my venting my frustration with my oldest munchkin, who is just like me. I know how my munchkin’s brain works, however, knowing how to deal with it is as a parent is another thing. I did read a book called, “you can’t make me, but you can persuade me” which has given me a great understand of myself and taught me how to relate to my munchkin. As, I sit here on the patio, thinking about how frustrating the last year was and dread the coming one, a few thought are clear.

My munchkin will be great
I will continue to fight for both of them, even against popular belief
God will see us through this, as this is just a stepping stone in His plans for us
What a blessing, I have in both my strong-willed children

Now, my prayer is that God reminds me of this then strong wills battle it out. :). Thank you, Lord, for the topic of lunch today. You do bless us through our struggles.

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Friend…..,If you know me, well, you know I do not use that word for many people and generally, my friendship do not last more than a few years. Just a few months ago, I lost a dear friend over….well, I cannot remember what it was over. Every time, I lose (through the relationship failing apart) a close friend, I start to wonder why. I am that terrible of a person that I do not deserve a true friend. What am i doing wrong? I always try to do the right thing in my friendships, being loyal and dedicated, apologize first, and so on but they always fall apart. The last one hurt the most, I finally through I had found a true friend. The person, I could call at two am and raise our children together and do things together be at each other family holidays like a part of the family. I hope you are getting the picture….I do not know how good of a picture I am drawing.

During the last few months, God has shown me that I lose my friendship because I put them before my relationship with God. If something was wrong, I did not pray, I would talk to my friend to comfort and support and talk some since into me or to calm me down then I should have been going to God for that. I heard a sermon by Joel Osteen last week or the week before that titled “You’ve been Framed”. Joel talked about the frame the God puts around us, and allowing us do it our way until we bump into our frame. I can look back over just the last few years and see there God was telling me that I needed to stop relying on my friends and rely on Him. The last few months have been hard because even through I have an amazing support system with my family none of them are close enough to do everyday things and I miss that. For the first, in a long time, I felt truly completely a lone but my relationship with God is growing and that is what is important.

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