Velata Launch

I started selling Scentsy a little over a year ago, which is an awesome product line.   However, here in Oklahoma there are many many people selling it so customers are constantly having to choose to stick with their Scentsy rep,  change because one of their friend started selling, or alternate between friends that are selling Scentsy.  At work, I believe there are three or four of us that sell it.  Walmart has also been giving us (Scentsy Reps) a run for our money because this is a tough economy and Walmart is selling a similar  line much much cheaper and in stock.  Now, all that being said,  I am so excited.  Scentsy has announced a wonderful new company Velata.  Velata is the new fondue with warmer much like the Scentsy warmers just with made of fondue.  Did I mention that I am excited?  Now, I do not remember the fondue craze of the 70s since I am an 80s baby but I am totally excited to be a part of the new fondue craze.  I should be receiving my starter kid any day now.  I believe I will have to try the Dark Chocolate first with strawberries.  I will be hosting a fondue party next month, and I can hardly wait.

Check out the first Velata catalog.

It has arrived

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