Heaven is for Real

June 22, 2012 sweetpea2200
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I finally finished this book and wow is all I can say. I was totally ready to go to Heaven then I finished. I cannot fully understand God and Jesus but that book was an amazing story. About a year or so ago the book was going around the office, so I thought I would look into it. I always read the negative review first to determine for myself whether the review is valid or just unreal expectations being unmet. Now, it is a terrible approach for this book because the negative review were generally from nonbelievers and raised the debate of whether God is real or not. Since my faith was on shaky ground, I did not want to risk it complete destroy my faith. Many reviews said that it was a dad trying to get his fifteen minutes of fame, it was poorly written, it flat out was not true, the child had been coached, it did not match other near death experience, and so on. One that stood out the most was comment about how it had happened to a pastor child so they were less inclined to believe but if it had been an atheist family they would have believed since pastor kids learn this stuff since birth. Okay, that was logical to me, and justifiable. So, several months ago, I finally brought is book mainly because it was on sell on Amazon for like .99 cent and I was working on repairing my relationship with God. Then I refused to read it because I had so much laundry and homework I would not allow myself any reading time. Well, for the past two Sundays, I have been going laundry like crazy and I do not have any classes right now so time to read. Now, I download several free books a day though Pixel of Ink so the choice of which book to read was overwelming so read a few money saving books, parenting books, reread a few books, and finally remember that I had Heaven is For Real on my Kindle. So, I prayed that this book would help me with my relationship with God and begin reading. The first tenish chapters were hard but then the story of heaven began to unravel through the sees of a child. I read in complete amazement. I like how the dad talks to his son Colton. I like how the dad tells you the he messed up and lead Colton, a bit. I like how the dad support Colton’s story with the Bible reference. I like how the dad refers to the lesson in Sunday School and Bible stories at home and that Colton did not learn this is in their Bible stories at home or church. I as a mom of young children I can clearly see that what Colton was saying were not things that are taught to children his age or even children at all. Like the miscarriage of their second children or of the final war between God and Satan, many adult prefer not to study that. I do not believe that Colton was coaches by his parents because the dad is very open and honest but the few times he did direct the answer. I would not say coach the answer, because he did not real coach him but lead him a few times in a direction. I did not believe the book was badly written, there were two parts that I has to reread a line but really even the newspapers is written on an a sixth grade (I believe it is sixth grade) so that more people will be able to understand it. I thought it was a easy read and even had a bit of humor in it. I could feel the emotions the dad felt as he wrote about Colton’s illness and almost losing him, his anger with God, and the need to strong for his wife. As for the review that said they would believe if it had been an atheist family, well, I believe an atheist family or even someone without the intense Bible study of seminary could have not so easily mentally reference the supporting scripture that supported Colton’s story or could have easily been overlooked. And, the dad did refer the story someone had sent him about the girl who’s mother was an atheist who painted beautiful pictures of Heaven and an earthly picture of Jesus that Colton supported. Wow….I cannot wait to get to heaven. I used to think I would ask Jesus a thousand questions but the main ones why people die young, kids get cancer, woman have miscarriages and stillborn angels, but now I do not think I will say a word just stand there in the awesomeness of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I know my earthy mind cannot even being to image.

Now, what touched me the most is the message of child like faith and that is what my faith has been lacking. One artist on KLove explains it best but I do not know his name, but he said that he would look at people through the eyes of the law and not through the grace of God. And, I was like that is totally me. I have been looking at people through the eyes of the law, black and white, right and wrong, but it is so much more than that and that was also how I approached my faith. I know even in my mind that God is real but that is something that my mom, grandparents, and others around taught me growing up just like those parents who teach hatred to their children and they grow up hating whatever they were taught to hate. Now, I know that at a certain point it becomes a choice for the child to continue hating but it is still there in the back on your mind. I did make my choice to believe God is real but in the back of my mind was doubt (because it is called faith for a reason) that what it I picked the wrong guy and Buddha or Allah is the real deal. It is all taken of faith and do the people that believe in Buddha and Allah feel it in their guts also? Do the have near death experiences and come back believing they saw Buddha or Allah? Do they believe they feel their god’s presents? Do they hear their god guiding their lives? Man, I could go on and on with the questions but in all reality in come back to Jesus saying you have to have the faith of a child. I do not know the another guys stories but Jesus died for me and then through He did not want to He did it so I could know His father. And, I do not have all the answers and if I had to debate it with a nonbeliever and would probably lose by society standards because their are many many things that I do not know the answers to and many things scientist use to appose the Bible like the world has created millions and millions years ago, in which, I said how long is a day to God? And, I personally do not believe we evolved from a single cell organism why: because first there are still single cell organisms, second there is a cycle of life ecosystem which I do not believe could have been supported if we evolved, third why hasn’t any other animal evolved, and fourth why have we not evolved further and finally have you actually looked at all the work in you body? We are like works of art and all individually made and painstaking attention to details. Wow…amazing.

Well, that concludes my sermon for today, totally joking, but just my thoughts


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